The thing about time is that you can never have it back. As Chic Benetto tells us, it’s such a shame to think, that time, we have a lot of it. But time spent with the ones we treasure is always time spent well. There’s an app that ensures you that to be the case. It’s for your gossamer iPhone, and it’s called Flashback – a newly contrived, genius photography app.

What is Flashback?

By definition, flashbacks are events that have occurred in the past. These past events are registered in our memories and though they have passed, we are able to draw out what we felt during those times simply by recollecting them in our thoughts. Flashback, this new iPhone app, works akin to that but in a much better way. When you take pictures, it musters the moments that happen the image is being taken. Therefore, it is an app that can tell the back story of your images in the most animate way possible. And, what is better than a video of moments recorded before a scene is frozen to a photograph?

A Look Inside Flashback

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 12.14.16 AM

Before anything, it is worthy to note that Flashback is a groundbreaking app for the iPhone since it marks the beginning of new scheme of collecting memories by incorporating video recording and photo shooting altogether. It effaces the conflict of having to choose between both.

-Flashback can record up to 5 seconds of video before a photo is taken. It will surely humor you how messy everything is before everybody pose to be frozen in a photograph. Looking back, it could delight you and even bring you to tears when sharing with friends and family in the future.

-Flashback has its way around augmenting more aesthetic into your video-end-to-image shots. After the recording and the photo-taking finale, it will bring you to the edit section where you can apply frames, add captions, apply red-eye, stickers, and other enhancements that can make the snippets more of an eye-candy as much as they are the harbingers of your beloved memories.

-The best thing about Flashback is that it allows you to compile up to 50 Flashbacks into one single play, and save them as a single file. This allows your iPhone to reel an ensemble of funnily lovely mementos that combine videography and photography to create an instrument of true artistry and look-back gems.

In addition to that, you can simply load images you have in your album and compile them along with your newly recorded Flasbacks. Wrap everything up like a ruby of a gift with an album title and to whom you dedicate it to. Pass on the gift to your beloved ones through the neatest social media platforms with a single click.

Download Flashback from iTunes Store for $1.99 only.