Galatta Cinema App for iOS

Galatta is an iOS app developed by the famous folks of Galatta Media who are responsible for the best English Cinema magazine in India. The goal of this app is quite simple – update you on all the latest Indian movie trends, gossips, trailers and so much more, also if you’re a fan of South Indian movies then you’re in for a treat!

The design of Galatta is quite sleek and responsive, while using this app it becomes quite clear that time has gone in to creating a crisp, responsive and most importantly lag-free interface. The app also claims to create a better reading experience to the end-user, surprisingly they were able to achieve this and the fact that the app is made available for the iPhone and the iPad should already tell you that the app would provide an enjoyable reading experience.


Galatta is must-have app for Indian cine lovers, as it puts all the latest new right at their fingertips, the latest update to the app lets you check the latest pictures of your favourite events, actresses and actors. With Galatta you will never a miss a trend as the app has “Push notifications” which allows you to receive real-time notifications of the latest news and trends, that is just another brilliant addition to this app to keep it above its competition. Personally, I think the push notifications is what makes this app so rich and exciting. The only down side of this app is probably the ads, but once you start enjoying the content that the app offers, you won’t even know they’re there.

If you love Indian movies, especially “South Indian” then this app is definitely worth your time, even if you’re not Indian movie fan this app might just be convincing enough to make you become one. Movie lover or not, it’s worth a try since the app is free!                                                

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[app url=”523417478″]