Gaudi Bruno is a Story telling app that will turn your smartphone or tablet into move joyful device that will keep your hands busy, your brain active and your happy face from the moment you started the app to the moment you ended the app. Few days ago, we present you an app called Fashion Dolls that was only available for Apple devices, and one that is only available for android devices well guess what you can play this app  in both Android and Apple devices like tablets and smartphones. So do not worry if your iPad is not available for you at the moment, you can switch at the same time to your android smartphone of android tablet.

Gaudi Bruno Story, Gameplay and Graphics

The story of the brown bear Bruno begins in a national park in central Italy. In the national park, Bruno is living with its family and is doing everything what any kid will do exploring, meeting with friends, discovering and learning. This Story telling app allowing your kid better to understand its environment the narration will keep it interested through the whole time. Your kid will notice that his favorite bear is also going to school as him, and by noticing that the Bruno’s family always love it to hear how he was doing in school, he would like to share its stories and will be more honest with you.

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The graphics and sound are good, it is very colorful and well matched. All the characters are well made and painted along with the environment and everything else, this Story telling app is a modern way to learn things in life.

Gaudi Bruno last thoughts

Depending on your device, this app is around 40MB size, the app is available in three languages English, Italian and Spanish with price of around 3 dollars. The app has more than 100 animation elects, 50 sound effects, soundtrack with original tunes. The app is perfect for younger children no matter if they still cannot read correctly.

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