If you are a shooting lover, then review the article to find a new and exciting source of live shooting on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. If you are here you can get a different experience of shooting with rich weapons, props and dress choices. Using Mini Showdown games app you can turn your phone into a gun with amusing shooting features. Let’s find more about this shooting games app.

Category of the app:

Mini Showdown is a shooting game app played on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The current version of the entertaining app is 1.0 released on December 03, 2013. The full size of the mobile app is 70.3. Mini Showdown is available in English language.

Compatibility of the app:

Mini Showdown shooting game is designed and developed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod users. This app is also compatible for iPhone 5. So, this is big news for iPhone 5 users. It requires i0s 4.3 or later to run on mobile devices.

Features of the app:

Mini Showdown is the latest shooting game app featured with exclusive and enchanting features. Let’s find these features:

  • It is so realistic in leveling, aiming, shooting, and reloading.
  • It makes your iPhone gun.
  • This app is customizable with rich weapons, shooting dresses, and props.
  • It has different combat and defends styles.
  • It has fighting counter strike.
  • This app is available in English and Chinese language.
  • It has QR codes to scan duels quickly.
  • This app is designed with easy directories.
  • It is a full package of shooting entertainment.

Functions of the app:

Mini Showdown is a shooting app played on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iPhone 5. This app can instantly turn your iPhone into a gun to offer you live shooting experience. Don’t worry it is not to shoot any real man. There is no harm to shoot with the Min Showdown shooting app. It’s just an entertaining mobile FPS games app with virtual shooting features and function. If you are a lover of shooting, this app can offer you unlimited and amusing shooting experience. If you have no a licensed gun, you can install the app on your iPhone to fulfill your dream of shooting.

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Why it is different from other shooting apps?

Its features and functions are quite different from other traditional shooting games apps. Mini Showdown permits users to customize their games with attractive and effective features during shooting.

How can you download the app?

You can download Mini Showdown from Google Play, iTunes app store, and app shopper. Following some terms and conditions you can download the app.

Pros of the app:

  • Exciting shooting experience.
  • Stunning features.
  • Easy to play.
  • Easy to customize

Cons of the app:

  • Compatible with only i0s 4.3 or later.
  • Not available in all languages.
  • Applicable only on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iPhone 5 users.
  • Not open for all.


Download : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mini-showdown/id717595377?mt=8