Angry Birds soared high in the mobile app world after it was released for downloads. The addicting game gained overnight popularity as countless people across the globe download it for their devices. However, the hype toned down after it became somewhat boring for some people. Fortunately, CityBirds iOS app, which is available for pre-launch test brings a new serving of avian fun to mobile entertainment.

Developed by Chunky Apps, CityBirds is another game with simple controls that will keep players hooked to it all day. In Angry Birds, players must win against the opponents. In contrast, CityBirds follows a group of birds flying freely to the city without knowing the dangerous sky that will meet them along the way. The player’s goal is to get them to safety by directing the birds to cages of the same color.

Interesting Features to Expect from this iOS App

CityBirds is easy to control due to its platform. However, accomplishing the mission of saving the birds is not that simple. Various obstacles and dangers appear along the way. Moreover, do not expect the avian characters to be cooperative. They will do their best to escape from players and fly outside the screen. This feature doubles the challenge, making it more exciting than the usual.

Just like Angry Birds, this iOS app has cute avian species that players will surely fall in love with. Birds come in varying colors, bringing a lively gaming platform on mobile devices while playing. Currently, the game offers nine birds and players can unlock them throughout the course of the playing or by buying coins.

Earning coins is possible through bonuses by swiping boxes attached to balloons, which are among the hindrances that are present on the game while players save the birds. Free coins appeal the best to players since there is no need to use their bank accounts just to get these items to use for unlocking birds.

The game requires hand and eye coordination, concentration and reflex to control the uncooperative flying creatures. Even with this feature, it is a highly recommended game for children and those who are kids at heart.

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City Birds is indeed a game that enthusiasts should look forward to. Its fast-paced gameplay, cute yet disobliging avians, and simple control are sufficient to keep a gamer concentrated in playing all day. This app, which will soon be available for iOS devices, brings excitement with these creatures to the next level.

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