Solitaire is one of the most popular card games today. This game has the ability to keep your mind busy and make your alone time more interesting. According to some researchers it can also improve your intelligence level. Thanks to the advance of technology, Solitaire became a popular computer game too. In the recent period we are witnessing a trend in which this card game is becoming a popular mobile app too. Golden Solitaire Cards Game is surely one of the best options for those looking for a unique card-playing experience on their mobile device.

How does Golden Solitaire Cards Game work?

This is a mobile application that works in a similar way like the card games we have on our computers. There are several different features that can spice up your gaming experience and you can also motivate yourself for better results by checking the leaderboard. What many users like about this game is the fact that they can analyze their playing once they are done. This gives them the opportunity to improve their playing.


Players use their fingers to drag and drop cards or they can simply use the tap option. In other words, you won’t notice much difference than other standard games at least not when it comes to the use of features.

What makes Golden Solitaire Cards Game special?

Of course, one of the first things you will notice is the unique and useful features found in this app. This is a shortlist of some of the features in the Golden Solitaire Cards Game.

– Draw 1 or 3 cards – This is surely great news for passionate solitaire players. The option to choose between different styles makes the entire playing process more exciting. It doesn’t really matter how experienced you are, just choose the option that suits you the best.

– Scores – This amazing application can also record the scores you make. It has the ability to record every score in the past 5 games.

– Statistics – The statistics provided by this app can be used for further analysis and improvement.

– Undo – The undo option is ideal for beginner players that actually want to improve their skills.

– Online world leaderboard – If you don’t find playing alone challenging, you can always check the online worldwide highscore list and check how good you are. Many people find this feature the most challenging part of playing this solitaire game.

How to get Golden Solitaire Cards game

The easiest way to try this application is to download it through the following link It doesn’t require much memory and the installation process is very simple.

Pros of this app

– This is a free app

– It has amazing HD graphics

– It comes with many different features

– It has user-friendly interface with intuitive buttons and simple controls

Cons of this app

– It is available only for iOS devices

Golden Solitaire Cards Game is one of the best mobile solitaire variations found on the market today.