Hello, dear Softwarelint readers! Getting healthy can become a difficult task for some but there is now a new alarm system that could encourage and motivate you to start your day right healthily. Because getting up in the morning appears to be very difficult for many, we need something that could firmly wake us up from our sleep in a healthy manner. As interesting as it may sound, there is indeed a new mobile application that could help you overcome your sleeping spell in a healthy mode. This is the Healthy Alarm mobile app that you can download on your iOS device from the Apple Store or iTunes. With its unique feature, you can no longer give any lame excuses not to get up early and miss important appointments and activities but more importantly, you can certainly perform simple exercises that your body really needs before you start your day.

Get your body moving with Healthy Alarm

If you are one of the people who have difficulty in waking up, the Healthy Alarm is a new mobile technology that could help you change your body clock. It is indeed cozy to sleep more especially in a cold room that could easily lull you back to sleep once your alarm goes off. The most common routine for people who are lazy to wake up once the alarm goes off is to simply reach for the alarm and let it snooze. This kind of routine will no longer work with the Healthy Alarm application. It is a smart technology that could force you to wake up, move your body and get more physically active before starting your day.

The Healthy Alarm is smarter than you think. As the alarm starts to go off, you cannot turn it off without doing simple bodily movements that will give your body a dose of an exercise. You need to perform a mild exercise workout that will make you stretch your muscles to prepare it for a long day ahead. Once you complete performing the on-screen exercise from the app that’s the time that the alarm will turn off and your body is now up to start your day.

An unconventional alarm application

The Healthy Alarm offers you an unconventional way of waking you up in the morning. You will find a unique way of learning to start your day the healthier way. The app is a good alarm application that you can use if you want to jump start your day feeling healthy or simply to get motivated to start your day right without getting late on your important engagements. With the simple stretching exercise movements every morning, your mood becomes optimistic and refreshed, which is certainly a perfect way of starting your day. With this unique feature of the application, you will definitely begin adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Great health value of a mobile alarm system

You can set multiple alarms from the application and select the type of exercise that you want to perform the next day when the Healthy Alarm wakes you up. You can also personalize the alarm sound just like any other alarm app on mobile but the difference is it does not have a snooze button that can make you a bit lazier to wake up and start your day right. You can grab your own Healthy Alarm for your mobile device for only $0.99, a very cheap price to invest for a daily health routine.