There are very many mobile applications that are being launched into the market, all aimed at making mobile users comfortable and also make the mobile an interesting communication tool.

These are many applications that continue to be invented by developers with the latest being the Huggy Kissy application. This is a social network application that makes sure one does not forget to share his hugs and kisses even if they are busy.

The application requires iOS 5.0 or the later version. Huggy Kissy application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

This application allows one to send love through sharing love notes and you can also share fun moment photos with your loved ones. The Huggy Kissy application is easy to use and therefore good for many people.

For those who are already enjoying the new iPhone 5, it would be nice to add to your fun by registering to Huggy Kissy application and start sharing your hugs. The loved ones will feel like you are nearby even if you are miles apart. The Huggy Kissy introduces an experience like never before.

Huggy Kissy allows the user to enjoy more of the functions found on this application. It also helps to send hugs, kisses, a lovers hug and kiss, fist bump, greeting kisses, and more in an impressive, animated style backed by sound effects to make it more impact.


The users can show affection to their loved ones through animated pictures of hugs, kisses and many more and all that backed up by great sound effects that are aimed at making the application more effective.

The developers say users are likely to enjoy the Virtual Kissing Booth which allows one to send a snapshot of their face with enlarged lips which are aimed at virtually planting a kiss on the face of your love one. This will be more effective because it is more effective and significant to send a kiss to your loved one using your face rather than an animated picture. It is also more effective to use the real picture of your partner rather than having an animated face.

These messages and pictures can be sent at any time and from anywhere without limitation. Through these messages on your iPhone you will be sure to win the heart of your loved one over and over again. The messages will even be more effective if you are apart either on a trip or on a military mission etc.

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