Hello all Softwarelint readers, today we are focusing on a app that will help most server owners and businessmen. We have had many requests do help find an app that would help to make managing files easier. We thank our readers for the interest and as a response i am reviewing a iPhone app called iExplorer that is developed by Zhigang Chen. The app allows the user to manage and view files on remote servers.

What exactly can you access?

The beauty of this app is that it can be used for both business and personal uses. It can access almost all servers. The most popular ones would be FTP servers, Windows Sharing, SkyDrive, CloudMe DropBox and many more. The servers can be personal or publicly used. The app also allows you to transfer files between the servers and the iPhone and manage them as you need to.

The app can open almost everything!

The strongest side of the app is that it is capable of opening most file formats. It allows you to read ebooks, view photos, read and edit Google Docs, play music and even to view different videos. If you are an admin or a coder, this app will be especially good for you as it can view most common coding languages like C++, java, CSS, Php and many more. And if this is not enough, it can even zip and unzip any files on the servers. It is a very good compilation of apps so to say and it can replace many previous apps you had on your iPhone. No need to have different apps for everything, iExplorer can do almost everything, and you do not need to have the files on your iPhone, you can access them remotely.

The next generation of remote access

iExplorer is a very effective tool that can help you to make the most of your business and work. It helps you to access the files at your work place without having to drag a laptop with you. You can do almost everything with it, view, edit and even print the the files you wish. You can compress and share them with your colleges or people you want to. It can be even used for Tweeting. The developers are working on the app and are trying to integrate a web browser and to make it compatible with even more Cloud Servers.


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In conclusion

iExplorer is a must for people who regularly access their files on servers or who need to do some work remotely. The app will make life easier for you and you will be more effective as a result. It can be used by regular users too, no need store movies and music on your iPhone, you can access them all via your iPhone. For the price it is the best app available, a must have.

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