Hello readers, today we are taking a look at InFrame Foto, an iPhone app, by a group of iPhone app developers called Make A. Sharing images through apps is an excellent iPhone app idea that a lot of  companies have tried to achieve, but none have reached the level of success as Make A.  The app was created to provide users easy photo editing and to share them with friends via social media

Looks like the iPhone app developers at Make A have really hit the mark with the recent release of their new app called InFrame Foto.  With the improving cameras and a more social world, the consumers are constantly looking for ways to share their pictures and findings. InFrame Foto allows them to do just that. It is meant for photo editing and image sharing.

Unique iPhone app idea

iPhone Screenshot 1One of the main reason why the InFrame app is so popular, is its ease of use. You do not need to go through a long setup phase, as every user is given a chance of using a template setup. This Makes the app run smoothly instantly. For the users who wish to have more control over the look and feel of the app there is an option of manually adjusting it to their own needs. This makes the app perfect for even the most expecting users. What makes the app so unique, is that the iPhone app developers at Make A have managed to create a truly sophisticated app, that can be very easily used by the consumer. This ease of use is on of the cornerstones of the app.

Why InFrame Foto ?

InFrame Foto allows you to take several photos and combine them into frames. The app allows you to choose the frames you like and change them as you wish. When creating the frames you can customize the size of the photos and place them where ever you like. You can also choose the number of photos you wish to use. Each of the frames can be altered in many ways, you may change the width of the borders, the color and the general look of the frames. Due to the revolutionary design and power of the new iPhone app you are able to easily modify every aspect of your photos.

What the basic idea behind this app?

Photo editing is the area where this app really shines. It might be small, but because of its excellent flexibility and power, it gives the user photo editing powers unparalleled by any rivals. The users are allowed to present photos against different backgrounds, giving the images a very deep look. You have the option of adding shadow effects and changing the opacity of the images.To make the photos look better and more appealing you can use various effects to make them really shine, the effects feature Vivid, Indiglow, Aqua and many more. When you need to change saturation, sharpness and brightness, the InFrames tool has a solution for this also. When looking at the common users needs, the InFrames app seems to be able to fill them all.

iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 3

What the concept of this app?

iPhone Screenshot 5When you have finished editing your photo you have several options on what to do next. You can save the image into your iPhone photo album for later viewing if you wish. But when you feel the need to share your image,s the InFrames app allows you to easily share them with your friends, for one you have the option of emailing them to your friends. But when you feel the need for a more social approach, you will be pleasantly surprised as InFrames supports sharing images to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This makes sharing images with friends easier and faster than ever before. What makes this app so special is the effort the iPhone app developers at Make A have put in it to make it as comfortable and easy to use as possible.

Editor Review :-

After trying it out for a while i understand why the people who use it, love it. Nowadays people are looking for apps that offer good functionality but are easy to use. InFrames does just what is expected of it, delivering photo editing software to the hands of the everyday user while keeping it simple. It looks like the iPhone app developers at Make A  and know exactly what the consumer needs and i personally hope to see many more releases like this in the near future. For people who have an iPhone and love to make or share their pictures, this app is a must. Everyone who has tried it, loves the app, if you give it a chance, you will also.


Download now :-

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