A new unique way has been created to share the local weather in the area you live in. Snap photos and overlay it with weather information in the area you currently are staying at. Share it with friends on Facebook or twitter, instagram or other places.

This is a fantastic app to use if you want to keep yourself, friends and relatives up-to-date on the weather in your area. With this app everyone can share their locations and current weather. There is not much other to say regarding this app. Other than it’s available for iPhone and Android. So head over to either the app store or Google market.

Here are two iPhone photos:

screen568x568 (1)  screen568x568

As you can see there is an only imagination that puts the limit to how your photo will look like, blending in with the weather information you put beside, or right over your photo. This is an amazing idea almost in the same direction as Instagram. So beautiful and so real. This app is very useful for everyday use. And are used by many youths. In the first picture above, it shows a few places you can share your photo, including FacebookTwitterInstagramFoursquare and messages to your friends. Developed by Byss mobile they clearly hit the jackpot with this application.

There are two versions of InstaWeatherInstaWeather and InstaWeather ProInstaWeather is free while the InstaWeather Pro has to be bought. I’m not sure what kind of features the InstaWeather Pro gives as i got the free version. But if you are curious you can head over to the app store or the google playstore and get your hands on it. I personally like this app a lot and is sure is a useful app to share with your friends and relatives.

There are also a lot of other amazing apps delivered by the Byss Mobile developers, and they are sure worth checking out. They release a lot of goodies and apps that are useful for daily use so be sure to check them out. I myself rarely use InstaWeather, but on some occasions when i see that beautiful view or somewhat, I’m really tempted to take a photo of it, and share it with my friends, including the weather information in the area I’m currently based in at the time.

Check it out, leave a comment bellow what you think if you have it, or have tested it, do you like the app? If you looking for awesome app development company we would like to recommend Iflexion company