Hello iOS’s Lovers today in this tutorial, you’ll get step-by-step guide which explains how to ios 6 jailbreak with the help of new tool  evasi0n . This tutorial is only for windows users. Right now m using windows 7; however it should work virtually on any Windows version including Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 8. Take a quick look to for this guide…


Step 1: Backup your idevice before get started with IOS 6 jailbreak, Download the evasi0n for Windows.

Step 2: Extract the above zip file on your any desired location on your pc and open evasi0n folder. Then right click on evasi0n.exe file to select the option ‘Run as administrator’. In case, the User Access Control window displays select ‘Yes’.

Step 3: Ensure that the passcode of your device is disabled, in case you have set the one up. For making your passcode lock disable, select

Settings > General > Passcode Lock > and select the ‘Turn Passcode Off’ option.

Step 4: Plug in the iDevice to PC. Remember that the evasi0n can jailbreak all devices running the iOS 6 or above, except Apple TV.

Step 5: Evasi0n needs to exhibit that your device is detected. Once the device is detected, you will find Jailbreak button activated as well as clickable.

Step 6: To start the jailbreak procedure, click on Jailbreak button.

Step 7: Now the Evasi0n will carry on through numerous steps. Amongst the other steps, this will organize the jailbreak information, reboot device, upload the Cydia, bring in the jailbreak data, as well as upload Cydia packaging list. Maybe it is more prolonged part of jailbreak procedure. Just sit, and hang on for the evasi0n to look out after it.

Step 8: Now the Evasi0n will tell you about unlocking of your device. With lock screen, just ‘Slide to Unlock’ the device. You will witness new icon on second page in Home screen called “Jailbreak”. Just tap the Jailbreak icon once (ensure you do it only once), and screen needs to go black as well as return to Home screen instantly.

Step 9: Now we are at home stretch. The Evasi0n will carry on displaying messages like injecting the jb data, as well as Root Filesystem remounted successfully. Your iPad, iPod touch, or iphone will reboot, maybe more than one time. The initial reboot may take longer time than normal, so again, be patient throughout the one-time setup. Don’t touch anything and be patient.

 Step 10: When the jailbreak procedure is completed, the evasi0n will notify you that it is “Done.” Now you should see a big evasi0n logo displaying on the screen of iOS device. It needs to appear once/twice temporarily, and then remain for somewhat longer. At last, you’ll reach to the Lock screen and from there, just ‘Slide to Unlock’ the iOS device. You will see Cydia icon at the second page of the Home screen.

Step 11: Congrats, the iOS device is jail broken now on the iOS 6 through evasi0n  Enjoy!

Note: Consider to reenable the passcode in case you removed passcode like suggested in the Step 3.

ios 6 jailbreak

Please note evasi0n wont work on  iOS 6.1.3 or above. The above guide is based jailbreaking iOS 6.1.2 or lower 6 version.



Keep in mind

Backup your device before starting IOS 6 jailbreak process.

IOS 6 jailbreak can harm your device.

In the software, you should always bear in mind that jailbreaking can actually be very much harmful, if not done according to the specified techniques. You need to always make sure that you have a backup of the Apple operating system device, so that you do not have to face any problems in the jailbreaking is not done according to your desire.

Final conclusion

In totality, it shall take about 10 minutes for you to witness the jailbreaking portion to be completed. With the help of the software evasiOn, you can get the entire process to be completed within a very short period of time, without having to create any mistakes. Even if everything goes wrong, the worst-case scenario shall be that you’d have to restore the mobile phone to its previous condition with the help of the backup that you have taken prior to starting the jailbreak