The iOS 7 is around the corner. Developers are able to download it already now! Also there are torrent files out there allowing you to get your hands on iOS 7 before the official release on 18th September. But keep in mind if you consider getting a hold of iOS 7 before the official release, by grabbing some of the torrent files out there. There is a chance of it damaging your phone if you’re not a professional iPhone geek. Amateurs can mess it up and damage the phone for good. So be careful if you consider breaking the barriers getting it today.

iOS 7 as we all know have a unique new design with a lot of new features that we all have seen photos of. It’s more colored than before and more flat than it used to be before. It kind of looks like a child’s phone with all the colors rainbows and gradient touches to it. But to those who already have tried it and has it in their fingertips, knows for sure if this is an iOS worth keeping. iOS 7 is available for download from the iTunes software update section starting September 18th.


Can’t be installed via WiFi

To those wanting to grab iOS 7 today, either if you’re a developer or not; it’s not possible to do this using the phones WiFi connection or 3G connections. You will have to plug your iPhone using your charging cable into the USB and going to iTunes, than going into the section where you will be able to click: Update software now or something around that area. iOS 7 is only available for the 4th generation of iPhone, iPod, and iPad, including the 5th generation.

iMZDL is offering the option to download the new iOS 7. So if you feel tempted to try it out; go for it. But keep in mind Softwarelint does not take responsibilities if your phone is broken. The same thing goes for iMZDL. This is totally your own fault if you fail to follow instructions and the phone is damaged. So be careful!

There has been no press release from Apple. Inc themselves stating why the iOS 7 was delayed 7 more days.