Today’s review is a true gem for everyone who loves wine. If you have ever thought about how to make wine or if you just want to know how they make those delicious beverages, then we have some good news. The iPhone app developers from VinoEnology have created a very interesting app called iWinemaker that helps you to understand the magic behind making different wines.

Easy way to makeing a wine

The app is really easy to use and understand. It provides you with different subcategories where you can select between different wine ingredients and see what effect they have on the wine. This allows you to really experiment and create different tastes for wines.

The full winemakers lexicon

iWinemaker helps you to understand the wine making world better and for those who wish to brew their own wines it even provides formulas and tips on how to start making your own wine. The app offers many different calculators for different ingredients used in wines. Some of the calculators feature: Fermentation, Acidification, SO2 Addition, Chapitalization. Water Dilution, Fining, Oak, Fortification, Blending and weight/Volume calculators. All these calculators allow you to create different colors, aromas and tastes for wines. iWinemaker really comes as a full package that allows almost everyone to become a wine brewer.

Authors opinion

VinoEnology has created an app that every wine friend should have. Even if you do not wish to brew your own wines, you can still take a look on how the wine you are drinking was made. I use this app to find out what is used in my favorite wines and to find new interesting tastes to try.

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