All iOS-based devices have cameras with multiple features but these features are becoming something like a standard in all modern devices and people are looking for more. Some of them have advanced knowledge in photography and they are looking to create more professional photos while some of them are just looking for a way to capture unique photos and videos. If you are one of these people you will certainly need an app like KitCamera.

How Does KitCamera work?

KitCamera is actually a beautiful addition to your existing camera options. It works really easy and even a beginner in photography can easily figure out what all those features mean. One of the most interesting things about this professional photo app is the opportunity to view the effects while shooting. You can view how will the picture or video look like in real time even before you start using the camera. This is a great option because you can easily check which effect is more suitable in the given situation. But that’s not all. This application provides features like multi-exposure, multi-shot, slow shutter, image editor and many other features that will make you feel like you are using a professional camera and that you are actually a pro photographer.

What makes KitCamera unique?

There are hundreds of photo applications on the market but as we have mentioned before this app has several unique features that make it different from the rest of the applications. Besides the features that we have mentioned previously there are few other features worth mentioning:

  • – Setting exposure separately from focus.
  • – Full HD recording
  • – Built-in image composition helpers – with these helpers you can easily adjust all composition building tools in real time.
  • – Image editor – This is a very useful feature which allows easy adjustment of every image you take. You can automatically adjust the appearance of the image, crop it, attach other images, rotate, zoom and do many other things to the final image.
  • – Social media sharing – With only few clicks you can share your images and videos with your friends on some of the most popular social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and few other websites.
  • – Improved quality in darker environment – In addition, you can use this application to improve the way your images look when they are taken in dark rooms or at night.

Where can I download KitCamera?

If you are ready to try this application then it is time to visit the Apple store and begin with the download. You can find the app on the following link This is an application that is suitable for both iPhone and iPad. It costs only $0.99.

Pros of this app

–        It comes with dozens of new features that can improve the quality of your videos and images

–        It is extremely cheap

–        It is constantly upgraded

Cons of this app

–        It is available only for used with iOS mobile devices.

You can rarely found such a great photo that allows creating high quality photos on your iOS-based device at such a low price like KitCamera.