Comic books are incredibly popular among kids, but what if you could have animated comics? Kitz The Street Cat is an interactive comic for iOS. The artwork is awesome, the characters are really cute, but there are some things that just don’t quite add up.

Kitz the Street Cat is an unique animated comic book for Kids. It is an interactive book with lovable characters, realistic background and witty dialogues that lets users get in on the adventure as a gang of cute, wily, and airborne street cats led by their adorable and brave leader, Kitz. It is from Ubinuri Inc., a leading Korean distribution gateway and software developer Floating Island Co. The new Kitz version 1.1 loads faster and brings BGM and sound effects on the opening screen and episodes and video clips of adorable kittens.

Features -:

  • A classic animation adventure
  • Apptoon with interactive  exciting story,  famous poems and maxims
  • 3D quality animation
  • Photo or wallpaper selections
  • Highlight/hunting time videos with the click of a button
  • Music and sound effects
  • Highlights from ‘Kitz, the Street Cat’ short animation film, and adorable clips of Kitz and Murphy
  • Get related news and videos with Facebook integration
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 The way the story is presented is nothing short of unique – what you download is basically just the shell of the overall story book. Once you load it, you’d have to download each chapter separately – obviously the last 3 chapters you have to pay for but you are free to try the initial chapters. Once the chapters are individually loaded, you scroll downwards and the story unfolds. The background music is amazing, and the story is just fantastic – this one you have to see and experience to believe!
Kitz has outstanding art animations but it is lacking in story. A comic isn’t worth reading if the story line isn’t intriguing, correct? The story of a cat who wants to learn to fly, who farts, and cuss’s isn’t cute or intriguing in any way.
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Kitz, the Street Cat for iPhone and  iPod touch (running on iOS 6 and later) is available from the Apple iTunes Store for free. You can download 4 stories for free, and get 3 more stories at $.0.99 / Rs. 55 through in-app purchase. Even though this is not an universal app, you can also install it in iPad.

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