Loopy Fruit Race, a Fruity new app for iPhone.

It looks like the iPhone app developers are not running of ideas any time soon. Louise Gow, a known iPhone app developer, has come out with yet another very fun and fascinating game called Loopy Fruit Race. A free app with the age limit of 4, making it an ideal game for all ages.

Looks like the compelling iPhone app ideas come naturally for Louise Gow ad this time we are taken to the fun world of fruits. We are taken to the fun world of racing, but this time the racers are fruits. The action is not only fun but also healthy as the iPhone app developer says. The game features hours of unique racing experience with obstacle-ridden paths and fun competition.

The characters are very colorful and well detailed. There are total of six characters to choose between which all look unique and feel different when racing, giving the game a unique experience every time. The names of the characters also help to set the right mood for the fun to come. Adam Apple, Ben Blueberry, Cherie Cherry are fun and good companions that you will learn to love when playing this game.

All about this game

This game is all about the racing fruits, no vehicles, no aids, pure fruits. When the race starts, everything else is left behind and the fun starts. You can squash your friends by putting obstacles on their way. You can even earn prizes and awards for slowing down your friends. But if you do not want to wait you can get the coins from the shop and start the mayhem from the very start. This game gets everyone going by bringing out the fun and competitive side in all of us.

Free app

All together, Loopy Fruit Race is an excellent free app. Currently it is only available for iPad and iPhone so android users will need to wait. This is certainly one of the best free apps for iPhone. After playing this game i am certainly looking forward to new releases and hope they do not run out of iPhone app ideas.

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