Let’s face it!

Almost every person has a story to share. The reality is, people just love to talk! Sometimes, we talk to ourselves! You don’t? Softwarelint doesn’t believe you! Our CEO loves to talk by himself when he’s in the bathroom (kidding… or not?). Let’s face it! Everyone has an inner DJ in him. Radio Disc Jockeys talk and spin music. Do you want to be just like them?

Nevermind the hiring process of radio stations, you can be a DJ right now! The Real DJ is an absolutely amazing app that is dominating the market as we speak. Softwarelint is very excited with this app, and so should you!

Ranked 1st 

The Real DJ is already ranked 1st in over 10 countries under the music game category. If 10 nations are already telling you that this game is for real, what else is stopping you?! This app is perfect for iPhone users. You can never have enough games on your iPhone. The beauty of this app is that, it is a game and at the same time, a music tool! You can play ANY MUSIC you have on your iPhone, iPod, iPad etc!

Yes, you read that right. ANY MUSIC! You can play to the tune of Moves Like Jagger, or go old school with Nelly’s Ride With Me. Any music in your beloved Apple gadget can be played with The Real DJ. This is something no other music game app has accomplished. Other games of this nature only allow you to play certain songs. With The Real DJ, you are the boss!

Quick tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to play one of the most awesome apps for the iPhone:

◆ Launch app and choose “Select Music“.

◆ You can see the songs you have on your iPhone/iPod. If you don’t have any music, just sync some music before play.

◆ Choose a song and wait for loading and analyzing data, Analyzing is conducted only once for the first play.

◆ Some notes come down from the top. Just tap a key when a note comes on the key.

◆ In case some notes have an arrow, just slide to the arrow’s direction.

Once you figure out how to be The Real DJ, things will come easy for you. You can enjoy this game anytime, anywhere!

But hold on for a second! Before you get too excited, Softwarelint would just like to remind you that this game not support iPhone 3G/iPod 1G/iPod 2G/iPod 3G.

Real DJ is FREE

Don’t worry too much though because The Real DJ is FREE. Yes, you can download this app (16.9 MB) and play it RIGHT NOW. Softwarelint tried this game out as fast as we could, and we were simply blown away with this game. It’s fun and addictive at the same time. You need to have nimble fingers though because notes can get tricky at times.

Now if you’re wondering how all of this is possible (choosing any music you want and playing it), here’s the developer’s explanation for it:

Developer’s explanation – Game is possible

How come this game is possible? :

◆ The Real DJ analyzes low data of the selected music and create notes automatically.

◆ Some music would be pretty interesting to play but some music would not.

◆ We recommend you to choose exciting music such as, Hiphop, Electronica, House, Country Rock, Funk, Punk, Drum & Bass, Rock.

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Now that all is clear and settled, you should stop pondering whether this game is worth downloading because it definitely is! Download The Real DJ now and you won’t regret it. This is your chance to channel the inner-DJ in you!