MELODYNAMIC Studios app 2 is a mobile application that enables users to challenge themselves with music trivia, listen to instrumentals, hear sounds, read lyrics and see a variety of company products. This iOS application has been designed both for the iPad and iPhone users. Let’s find more about this surprising mobile application:

Category of the app:

MELODYNAMIC Studios app 2 is music based mobile application that challenges users their knowledge of music theory, pop culture, instrument identification, and aural perception with the ability to read lyrics and hear sounds. Using the app you can play this game with only 3 lives. If you can beat the game you win a cash value prize that can save you $100s of dollars if used correctly! This app includes sounds, music, lyrics, and a really intuitive game.

Compatibility of the app:

MELODYNAMIC Studios app 2 requires iOS application to run on an apple device. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iOS7. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 series. This is not currently available for Android devices as of yet.


The version and size of the MELODYNAMIC Studios app 2 are respectively 30.03 MB. It was released on 04 November, 2013 for the last time. The app is available in English language. J ISAAC is producer and seller of the app. It is rated 4+ so that will allow you to share this app and play without any restrictions or obscene content.


MELODYNAMIC Studios app 2 is designed with exclusive features and utilities such as.

  • It includes music, sounds, design and lyrics, and product displays.
  • Enriched with the companies’ intuitive products.
  • Challenging and interesting.
  • Optimized for iPhone 5.
  • Crystal clear sounds and sweet lyrics.
  • Bright color and engaging sound effects.

Functions of the app:

MALEODYNAMIC Studios app 2 functions on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iPhone 5 to offer users dynamic and an exclusive musically challenging experience. You can hear a compilation of over 30 instrumentals, hear the companies sound effects for sale, and see a few of the T-shirt designs available using this iOS app. You can surprise your friends with the amazing sound effects and sweet lyrics.

Specialties of the app:

MELODYNAMIC is different from other usual music apps. It is geared for musicians and producers in the industry to test their knowledge about overall music and production things. Its nice to hear actual samples of the sound effects, see a few examples of lyrics, and hear music. Users prefer the app very much for its very difficult game.  You can install the app on your iPhone or iPad to enjoy it.

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MELODYNAMIC is available at directly from its website at and iTunes app store. You can get the app from these two places. It is FREE for all users. You have no need to pay for this app even though one might expect it to at least be .99!

Pros of the app:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is free for all.
  • No monthly or yearly subscription charge.
  • Available for all.
  • Very clean and well organized application.


Cons of the app:

  • It is compatible with only iPhone and iPad.
  • Very challenging trivia not for most consumers knowledge base.
  • Not applicable for the computer device.


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