There is a plethora of mobile games but only a few may be quite enticing to the user and worth playing every day due to addiction. ITunes on iOS mobile devices offers opportunity to explore a wide variety of games available for Apple users. Minox game features among those games as a free app for anyone to use.

What is Minox Pet-battle adventures game about?

To experience the excitement brought by Minox, you have to understand first that how does it operates. Firstly, rest assured that this game is well-designed by highly-skilled personnel in the field of games. The app has been developed by Uber Gamers Pte Ltd. This company has been established by Jacqueline Lok in June 2012. The founder has got an extensive decade experience in the industry of games.


Now this game app entails capturing the creatures named Minox. These creatures are located on an Island and the game player has to train those creatures into pets ready for the battle. The pets will therefore battle against online players and you, the gamer, are to be the Master of creatures or the Master Trainer for the creatures, should you be the winner. In the game, the participating players round up by accomplishing their missions and endeavors to become Master of pets.

Mouthful said! Where can I buy the app?

Wait a minute; the app is for free for downloading and installing on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. It is compatible with the devices of iOS from version 5.0 upwards. Simply launch iTunes store your mobile to download and install the Minox app game for free. The latest version of the app is 2.0.0. It has new features like NPC quests and PVP Online Battle. The application will only consume 63.5 MB of your memory.

One other route to have this game application installed on your smartphone is to download it for free from You will find the link to the official website of Uber Gamers on the site. This will help equip you further with the information pertaining to the app.

What are Pros of this gaming application?

  • It is a free app compatible with iOS devices ─ every user of Apple devices can therefore use the app without worrying about the purchasing costs.

  • Easy to understand gaming app ─ a simple game about pet-battle adventures making you the Master trainer of creatures into pets.

  • In English language ─ all English speaking people accommodated.

What are the cons of the app?

  • The app size seems relatively big, 63.5 MB.

  • Limited operating systems.

Gaming is directly proportional to the increase in mobile phones. More people play games on their smartphones. Thus Uber Gamers Pte Ltd Company has targeted mobile platform as the right place for Minox game app. The company had started as a role player of PC games but later saw the projections going up in the mobile site. Moreover, the founder of the company has experience in the industry of games and therefore this game app is of high quality.