Monster Doors is Android game that has been developed by DUBAKISoft. It is an action game and just like you would expect of a game of this genre, Monster Doors is exciting and very engaging to the players. It is one of the gaming applications that you can download in the Google Play Store. The game just found the perfect balance between effective game mechanics and simplicity.

Monster Doors combines shoot’em up genre and shooting galleries games, both which are the definition of a true classic in the world of action video games. To put it in simple terms, you are presented with five characters with mighty guns to choose from and you are tasked with shooting as many monsters as you can, who keep rushing and attacking from hundreds of doors.

You are presented with lots of options to choose from. The 5 different characters have very distinct abilities and different capabilities. All characters come unlocked and there is no need of making additional payments. You get a whooping 180 levels; each being unique and challenging in its own way. By the end each level, you will be yearning to see and experience what the next level has to offer. Each level and stage tests even the very best players and you might be curious to see how you rank against your friends’ high score. The game offers a lot of unique content, ranging from cute pets to artifacts, which you can collect. You get a rewarding and a thrilling game play.

If you have experienced poor graphics in the past while playing action games, Monster Doors has taken a new perspective as it features an amazing 3D environment full of great animations and exciting colors. Each character is a breath of fresh air and revived zeal to beat the monsters. You get to shoot and the monsters keep coming, which results in many hours of exciting experience. The guns are pretty big judging by the damage they do.

The game concept is simple and you can grasp the game play with a few trials. The options you get with this game endless. The moment you start playing this game, I bet your friends will be seeing less of you. When compared to other games in the same genre, Monster Doors takes a deserved first position. If you have not downloaded the game, you should hit Google Play Store and get a share of this fun.

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