Hello, Softwarelint readers! Today you will find out about one more new app review. The MyGolfLeaderboard is a mobile app that you can download on your Apple device like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that will keep you informed about the updates and leader board of your favorite golf match with friends and other golf players. If you love golf that much, then this mobile app is for you. MyGolfLeaderboard is for the golf enthusiasts who want to level up their experience when playing golf and become updated on their game scores and that of other players using a simple mobile app that allows them to access their scores easily with better ease and convenience.

Real time score reporting

Real time score reporting is enhanced while allowing golfers to keep up with the game track of other golf players including their own games too in real time. Those who do not participate in the game of golf can monitor the game progress and action of their favorite golf players anywhere they may be. The application provides a real time update on a particular golf game score allowing you to connect with your favorite golf event or competition even when you cannot be there to see the real action. You can access a golf competition or event scores in real time through a leader board that looks precisely the same as seen on pro boards shown on TV or big screens. Now, you don’t have to feel bad about not being able to watch the real golf game action because by using the MyGoldLeaderboard app you are still updated in knowing how your favorite golf player scores in a golf event in real time.

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Great features of the MyGolfLeaderboard App

Because you can instantly download the application on your mobile device, which by the way is free, you will have the quickest way of accessing the latest golf event that you want to monitor. There are about 15,000 courses that are available for you to view and you can even use the app in monitoring your own game with other players in your club house or golf club. The application has a My Group feature that allows you to create your own golf game or event and you can add players to it. Once you have an existing group already, you only need to modify the players who participate on a golf tourney without the need to create a new group or golf event on the app. Its Match Cards allows the users to add new match on an existing golf match game.

Personalized golf monitoring experience

Not only you have the ability to monitor and keep tabs about your favorite golf events and competition but you also have the ability to create more personalized settings on the app. Apart from the My Group feature where you can add other golf players to your group and create your own golf match with selected players, you can use the application to monitor the leader board anywhere within the golf course or using the club house television. You can even upload your own personal recorded stats, website and personal page to record and monitor your very own golf game progress and scores.

How to Use the App

In order to start using the application, it needs to be downloaded to your device. After the apps had been installed, a login with options will be displayed on the screen.  You can then login to MyGolfLeaderboard and check current running scores, start a new game or event and create your own personal profile. After determining potential opponents or competitors, the user can choose a particular golf course for the new event. In the menu, there is a Regular Play option that is a special shortcut to set up a certain match on regular opponents or friends. The apps will then allow a real time scoring to update every player on the progress of the match.  This built in scoreboard will give an opportunity to the players to scrutinize the game in various statistical standpoints.

If you regularly play with your friends you can make use of the application’s My Group feature where you can add the names of the players who will play on a particular golf event and start tracking down all the players’ scores including yours. In addition, the Match Cards feature allows a player to set up a match within a match, allowing the user to assess himself over a particular competitor in an ongoing game.

Complete your golf game experience on your mobile

If you are looking for a total entertainment on your gadgets or mobile phones, download myGolfleaderboard which is an entirely entertaining, enjoying app that is fast becoming a craze today especially among golf fanatics. Whether you are a serious player or just want to have fun playing golf on your phone, monitor a particular golf event or track down the leader board, this app is perfect for you.