The availability of portable devices allows sports enthusiasts to use them for their daily activities like in the case of golf. With the number of sports iPhone apps offered in iTunes today, myGolfstats + GPS emerges as the most famous app among individuals playing this sport.

App Overview:

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Developed by Bill Helman, this sports iPhone app serves as a digital scoring solution for golfers who want to use the same portable device they are using daily instead of buying special golf devices. Its file size is 10.7 MB and is available through iTunes store for iOS 5 devices.


The myGolfstats + GPS extends the following professional features for every type of golfer.

• Complete Stat Scoring – Get stats for Scrambling, GIR, Sand Saves, Putts, Scoring and Driving recorded on the device.

• Up to Four Players Scorecard – Use the device to save score cards for up to four players. It implies that the device is ideal for solo or for group golfing activity.

• Broad Range of GPS Database – Get GPS data for a long list of golf courses. The developer is not talking about GPS data for hundreds of golf courses, but it supports more than 33,000 courses and keeps the data properly maintained.

• Handicap Card Screen – A lot of players want to have these screens on their apps. Handicap card is very useful for every player.

• Interchange between GPS Screens and Hole Entry with a Tap – The app is lightweight and responses fast, which lets people interchange between the GPS screens and hole entry screens easily. Several screens are available and a single tap and swipe will bring players to their needed displays.

• Tips Page – Tips page serves as guide or reminders for players. Although a lot of people are already knowledgeable of the program and the game, reading these reminders once in a while can be beneficial in the long run.

• Affordable Subscription – Considering its features and the number of golf courses it supports, the subscription price of $2.99 for GPS service and $7.99 for GPS is a great deal. The app alone is free for download at iTunes app store.

No Unwanted Offers – This app does not have annoying ads, promotions or in-app purchases to work. Simply launch the app and it will work like a professional scoring solution.

Without a doubt, myGolfstats + GPS is a sports iPhone app designed for every golf player. It has great features that make it stand out among its competitors.

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