Today we won’t discuss about Recipe App  like we presented you few days ago, today we want to present you some app that can give you benefit in an unique way. Its service that is offering it’s not something like everyone will need, its features and technologies are unique and specific, and it can’t be found on such a large number that’s why we want to let you know where it’s available, how to use, and what this app is offering to you. We are talking about the app called Nety, except for it’s useful it’s also maybe the coolest IP Address app for your iPhone or iOS based smartphone of tablet device.

Nety in General

First we have to say who brought this app to us. The app is brought to us by the worlds most popular IP Address related website called If you want to have networking and research tool for you iPhone you should definitely check out Nety, it is a tool that trough your IPhone you’ll be able to trace, connect, research or check almost everything about any IP Address or Domain Name that you’re interested in. This type of researching is not a science fiction any more, since you’re able to use it from your iPhone you can more easily get access to data that was almost impossible to get few years ago.

And what are the feature that Nety is offering? With Nety trough your iPhone you are able to Ping, Subnet Pinging & Even Device Telnet; you are also able to Advance Port Scanning & Full Trace route; you are able to get Full WHOIS about some domain, you are able to Trace IP Address and if you want to check is this app is giving to you real results you can use it to get your IP address or Mobilized Content.

Final Words about Nety app

If anyone of you was asking himself: “wait is this app free?” or “how can I reach it?”, we are glad to announce that this app can be found on Apple App Store and it’s completely free for download. The app is around 1.5MB, compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod from 3rd, 4th or 5th generation and iPad, and anything with iOS 4.3 or later version. Check it, Test it and share your thoughts here with us on

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