Hello, there! Today Softwarelint wants to set you on fire with the great news from Apple. The latest rumors have said that Apple’s unveil of the iOS 7 might be postponed. However at the present, most of the reports are stating that the revise will set off on time.

Apple is anticipated to bighead the latest mobile operating system, in the company’s prominent at WWDC, on June 10, 2013. And then launch the software into the developers on September.

In addition, the software’s revise is anticipated to comprise with incredible designs, and then the launch of iOS 7 is anticipated to agree with the launch of Apple’s latest version iPhone, namely iPhone 5S.

Softwarelint wants to cover more interesting news , As iOS 7 is coming out soon as announced by Apple, the  fabulous features include new look, enhanced user experience and additional iOS features. It will be released this year and is compatible with iPhone 4 and up, 5th generation and up on iPod touch and the OS will work perfectly well with iPad 2 and up too. The highlights of iOS 7 consist of better Multitasking, better Photos, Siri, Safari and free internet radio also known as iTunes Radio.

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  • Multitasking – The capability to run applications in background was made possible when Apple created new API for the apps developer. They only need to incorporate this API in their apps and viola! The apps will be able to run in background and Apple users can flick from one running apps to another with ease. However, it does not mean that two apps can run on the same screen because Apple takes into careful consideration the battery life as one of its top priorities. Apps running simultaneously can drain the battery easily.

  • Photos – There’s a complete overhaul in iOS 7 when it comes to photos. Organizing the photos is much easier because of the metadata that is embedded in every picture. Information such as place and time makes sorting the photos easier. However, there’s a little bad news for third party apps developer because Apple has added filters on photos. Although these filters are not really that extensive, the third party apps developers still have the chance to make a distinction from the rest of the photo filters developers.

  • Siri – Don’t be surprised if you hear some changes in Siri’s vocal chords and a little facelift too. When Siri is listening to your voice, it will show a sound wave pattern. Unlike in iOS 6, there are sound waves map to show that Siri is listening to you. Additional features of Siri include hook up in Twitter and Wikipedia, plus Siri can now carry out searches on Bing. On the press release, it was not made clear if Bing is now the default search engine of Siri on iOS 7. Using your iOS device, Siri can now change the settings and do voicemail playback too. There’s also an option to use either male or female voices for Siri.

  • Safari – Mobile browsing using Safari has become a lot better with iOS 7. There is a better screen view because the control bar no longer appears when you scroll it off the screen, thus you have more space for the website content. iOS device users can also create a reading list by saving the articles that they read.

  • iTunes Radio – This is the most awaited iRadio, iOS device users can simply add new station by searching the title of the song or the artist’s name. iTunes Radio will gather songs with almost similar sounds and users have the chance to get to know other artists on similar genre. The contents streamed in iTunes Radio are also available for download and purchase in iTunes stores.

Additional features of iOS 7 according to the press release of Apple include:

  1. Find My iPhone Activation Lock – users are required to put their Apple ID plus password prior to turning off the Find My iPhone app or before reactivating the device especially if the data has been erased remotely.

  2. Facetime – provides better audio quality and the ability to block people from contacting you.

  3. Tencent Weibo – iOS 7 provides better support for Chinese users, there’s a Chinese-English bilingual dictionary and better handwriting recognition of Chinese characters.