Have you ever imagined how tedious it is, having to log into facebook, instagram, flickr, or 500px to view photos? It is time-consuming, isn’t? Well if you are a user of iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, there is a convenient way to do that with ease. And that convenient way involves the Uniframe app developed by ComX in USA. The app is purchased for $1.99 from iTunes store on iOS 5.0 and later.

Well, how does Uniframe work?

Uniframe, as the name says it all, is an app that helps bring a wide collection of photos from various social networks such as Flickr, Instagram, Google image search, Facebook albums and 500px into a single frame subdivided into smaller frames of those various favorite photos. It helps browse photos from these social networking sites and bring them to your mobile device screen for simultaneous viewing.

The most appealing thing about the app is that, you can easily customize it to your preference. The frame thickness or size or color can be changed to your liking. When viewing slideshow, you can customize the transitions.

What are the features of this app?

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  • Custom search ─ this tool is used to search for your favorite photos from the entire platform of social networks on your Uniframe app. It searches Instagram, facebook Albums, flickr, 500px and Google images, for example. You can only use a specific keyword in searching for these photos.
  • Slide show ─ view photos on a slide show with customized cascade effects. Furthermore, you can swipe on your screen from top to bottom in order to open the menu of the app. Tap on the photo to enlarge it and tap for the 2nd time to close it. You can also take a screenshot by tapping and holding at the same time.

  • Offline mode ─ the favorite photos can be seen even when offline. This means you can enjoy viewing your photos at no cost of data at all.

  • Photo sharing ─ photos can be easily shared among social networks. They can be shared via email. When you open a specific photo and enlarge it, it will show all the details.

  It is applicable only for Instagram, Flickr, 500px. If you want to view the images from Facebook Albums, you need to log in into your account.

How to download the app?

Uniframe can be downloaded from iTunes store on either iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can also make use of this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uniframe-photo-frames-for/id610310821 to have the app downloaded and installed on your Apple-powered device. The app has compatibility with only Apple devices with iOS version of 5.0 or the recent. It caters for English and Russian languages. The version of the app is 1.1 and the size is 3.8 MB for just cheaper price of $1.99.

Tell me more about the Pros

  • It is cheaper for $1.99

  • User Interface simplified

  • Can work offline

  • It is customizable

Now about the Cons

  • It is only compatible with Apple devices.

  • Only two languages English and Russian language

If you love browsing the social networks for photos then Uniframe is undoubtedly yours. With it there is no more effort of logging into individual sites looking for specific photos.