If you love taking pictures and post them on various social media sites, the Photo Captions application that is specifically designed for the iOS devices can offer you more better way to spice up your photos. The Photo Captions application was the masterpiece of Michael Beard that is designed to give the application users the ability to add funny text captions on their photos. If you want to find a quirky way to make your photos more funny and to be worth sharing with your friends to have a good laugh, then this application is a must have.

Fun captions on your photo the Gangnam Style

Psy, the man who enjoys an instant fame and overwhelming popularity with his Gangnam style dance is the one who adds the funny caption on your photos. People who like photo sharing and to share some fun out of their photos find an overwhelming enjoyment of having Psy grace their picture with his own funny photo captions that they can share a good laugh with some friends. Let Psy add some fun, spice up your pictures with funny quotes in the same manner that he made his biggest captivation on his audience when he popularized the Gangnam style that instantly went viral globally.

Sharing your captioned photos is easy

People using the internet are getting so hooked up in their social media profiles that they tend to post almost anything that are happening to them especially using various photos or images. The Photo Captions allows you to provide some entertainment about your photos in the social media community with the presence of Psy to add more entertainment value on your images. You can easily upload your photos that can be taken using your camera or select from your photo gallery in the Photo Captions application with pre-defined caption displayed on your selected images with the poster of Gangnam on it. Once your captioned photo is ready you have the choice to share them in your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter or you may send them as SMS or simply save the fun looking captioned photos to your mobile phone’s image gallery.

Catering the needs for social sharing of mobile users

What do mobile users have to say about the Photo Captions application? It is a cool and fun way to share fun captioned photos online as the online community in the social media environment definitely like applications like this that makes easier the photo sharing process more convenient and easy. With the Gangnam anecdotes added to further spice up the moment to be happy, your shared images with heartwarming and funny captions could really trigger the feeling of happiness and emotion to your photo’s viewers. This is a simple way of bringing happiness around using the social media as a tool of relieving the stress that mobile users may be experiencing.

Devices that support the Photo Captions App

In order that the Photo Captions app can grace your device with its presence optimally, you must be using iPhone 3Gs, Iphone 4 and 4s, 3rd to 5th generations of the iPod Touch, the iPhone 5 and iPad. Your device should be running on iOS 5 or later versions in order to be compatible and to run smoothly on your device.

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