There have been many app reviews on Softwarelint about traveling and maps, today we are proud to announce another very good app that will make your traveling and every day life much easier. Today’s app is called PlaceBox and it is developed by LinkDotz Inc. PlaceBox allows you to do so many things, that it has the potential to replace your previous apps.

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Slick and multifunctional

To start off i must say PlaceBox looks really good, it is well designed and well thought of, making using it very pleasurable. You can do most of the searching by simply clicking buttons, no typing necessary. It allows you to find services by different criteria, rating, prominence and distance from you. You can also save the places that interest you for later viewing or you can even share them on Facebook or Twitter. The app even allows to save photos, notes and entries for later viewing. You can perform the searches in real time to find places instantly but you can also use it to plan a trip ahead, perfect for planing a vacation. The app works worldwide, making it an ideal travel companion.

Good at locating

PlaceBox can help you find many interesting things. Lets say you want to have a quick lunch, no problem, just search for the nearest restaurant and you are good to go. You can even sort the places by different categories. After finding the desired location, PlaceBox will also help you get there by giving you directions. It has a very good search system, capable of finding most locations of interest around the globe.

Writers opinion

PlaceBox excels at helping you find places and in navigating around the globe. Very useful and slick looking app. Not only good for travelers but also for people who would like to know their neighbourhood better.