There are some movie players that can encourage one to revisit movies frequently. Movie player+ is one kind of that movie player app that gives more reasons to keep on watching and adoring movies. The app gives freedom to change the movie the way you like. You can change the effects of the color or can even assign an old photo on the movie. The effects made on the movie do not change even after saving it.

The effects on the videos that are played by Movie+ can be added in real-time while watching. There are in fact many features on the app. For further info, go to On the website you will find the link to the official website of the developer of the app.

What are the features of Movie player+ app?

With this movie player you can save the movies with the real time effects you have added and still replay the movies with the effects. There are three various full modes. By touching the screen for 2 seconds, you can adjust contrast and brightness when watching movies. Thus it has One Touch Brightness and Contrast Control (OTBCC). You can transform the movies using the patent pending technology into real time effects, and can also make it black and white.

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Furthermore, the movies can be updated from iTunes or Dropbox. The “heads up display” can be used to project the movies through Movie Player+ app onto the car’s windshield to watch.

Where to get this amazing app?

The Movie Player+ app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store. Obviously it needs Apple powered-devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. The app was updated recently on the 15th of August 2013 to version 1.2.3 and it is compatible with the latest operation systems of Apple from iOS 6.0. Its size is 15 MB.

Visit the web to download the app for free. It is an easy movie player app with an easy user interface. Make sure you have an upgraded software version before downloading.


  • The Movie Player+ is a free app available for download and installation from iTunes store. It is therefore compatible with the devices that use iTunes as the main app store.
  • The newer version has bugs fixed in it
  • The app has many effects that can be applied in real-time while watching. The movies can be stored without altering the effects added on them.
  • The app is easy to use and movies can be projected onto windshield of the vehicle.


  • The app is compatible with a few selected devices and operating systems.

The Movie Player+ offers the viewer of videos a great opportunity to have a full manipulation on the videos in order to edit, add effects, and add colors and many more. The app helps save the edited videos without any possibility of altering the changes. It has many features that are worthwhile when watching the movie. Imagine changing the brightness and the contrast by touching the screen for 2 second! Isn’t that appealing? Of course it is.