Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and those who love watching it know why. It is a sport that is exciting, interesting and professional players perform some really memorable moves tha cannot be found in any other sport. If you are a fan of cricket or maybe you want to learn something more about cricket through a mobile game app, installing Play Wickets on your iOS based mobile device is the best thing you can do.

Play Wickets Basic Information

Although Play Wickets is a cricket game app it has a lot more to offer. This incredible cricket app has thousands of statistic records about cricket professional players, tests, One Day and Twenty20 cricketers. Cricket fans that are closely following every cricket match will be impressed by the amount of information this app contains. A really interesting section of this app is the Trivia Quiz and Showdown games that can help you test your real knowledge about cricket. The basic requirement for this cricket app is iOS version 7.0 or higher. It works perfectly on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

What Makes This App So Popular?

The truth is that there are many iOS-based cricket apps on the market but Play Wickets has managed to get on the top of the list in a very short time. One of the main reasons why this app is so popular is the option to challenge your friends in Top50 game formats in Test, One Day and Twenty20. Playing against your friends is really exciting and you can definitely spend hours without getting bored. Besides that, this cricket app is not focused only on popular cricket teams (like England, Australia and India), you can find all the needed info about South African, Zimbabwean, Pakistani and many more cricketers. The Trivia Quiz can be challenging for both experts cricket fans and those who have just started following this beautiful sport, because there are different categories and different difficulty levels in the quiz. Finally, this cricket app can be used by bettors too because with just a few clicks you can browse to all past records like match statistics, statistic records in the cricketers career matches, runs, innings, wickets etc.

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Downloading Play Wickets

This app is completely free and the best way to download it, is by visiting the following link . Its size is small (only 19 MB), so you won’t have any problems storing it on any iOS-based device.


-Amazing user-friendly interface, suitable for advanced and beginner users of mobile devices.

– Great graphics

– Has several interesting features that will definitely keep you busy for a long time

– Constantly updated in order to improve user experience

– It runs very smoothly without any freezing


–        Available only for iOS users

Play Wickets is the most complete and most precise cricket app that you can find for your iOS device. Those who want to feel an authentic cricket experience on their iOS-based device should definitely download this app!