Angry smiley, one of the most anticipated games that are to be found in the mobile phones of the Apple operating system, Is definitely one of the best-known games that you could possibly play when you happen to be on the move. The only requirements that this game can actually have is that it needs to have customized compatible iPhone, along with iPad, or any other Apple operating system that can actually be good for you. Released in the year of 2012, this is one of the best-known games that can actually help you to while away your time, irrespective of your age. If you are looking into the different aspects of playing this wonderful game, you will find that you will not be disappointed. Most of the time, people prefer to spend a lot of money, and they get extremely bad game play. This will not happen with the Angry smiley. You can be assured of the fact that you will be looking into a top notch game that is not awesome in so many levels, but also helps you to gain a qualitative understanding on the overall addictive game play.

Angry smiley game compared to the angry birds

One feature that actually is similar to the Angry smiley game, when compared to the angry birds is the best way in which they will be able to dispose of all the intruders in that particular game level. The people that prefer to play in the iPhone will actually look into a very good game, that has the basic layout of the angry birds, but happens to be free of cost. This can actually help them to enjoy the game, and actually look into the different kinds of levels that has actually been able to provide them with the desired amount of changes to their game play. The game is simply fun, and the overall aim of this particular game is to destroy the Angry smiley that stand in your path in order to move of the new level. Overall, if you are looking into playing this wonderful game, you need to understand that a total of 19 filling fun filled levels are actually provided in the game itself. You will be able to look into a diversify knowledge on the different kinds of levels, and also get a good sense of graphics as well as understanding on the overall concept of the game.




Most of the time, some of the levels may actually work on some wont. While you to take this in your stride, it is always important of you to realize that this is one of the best-known free games that you shall find in the developer market, and you will also be able to play this game without to worry about any sort of advertisements. With the different kinds of games provided to you, you are definitely spoiled for choice. Hence, if you are willing to go for Angry smiley, then prepare for a very smooth ride ahead.

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