Getting a good book to read can be a bit tricky for travelers. But then again, Why reach for a physical book when one can read straight from their wrist? With the apple watch and iPhone app “Wear Reader”, reading from the wrist is made possible wherever and whenever.

Concept and Theme

Officially sold and released by © 2015 Jacoh LLC, Wear Reader is an app designed specially to let users read books and texts from their Apple Watch. The app allows them to upload their favorite books on their iPhone, sync it with their Apple Watch, and voila! They can start reading. The app is cleverly designed in a way that users will be able to rapidly read texts without getting too hard on the eyes. With plenty of features for a maximum digital reading experience, Wear Reader would be the perfect app for those who love reading anywhere and anytime.


Wear Reader boasts of the following features:

  • Imports books from Dropbox or iCloud
  • Has rich coverflow Interface for easy library navigation
  • Quick Search feature to instantly find the book users want to read
  • Supports books that are in text files such as .txt or html, Microsoft Word document files or .docx, and ePub files
  • Tap feature to stop and resume reading stream any time they want
  • Fast-forward and rewind buttons so users will not miss reading a word
  • Increase display time feature to read longer words
  • Smart bookmarks lets users use their iPhone to easily navigate using specific words and chapters

Functionality and Usability

As an e-reader, Wear Reader has an ingenious design that makes users want to read a book and not stop until they are done. With a comfortable show up words on the screen, reading using the Wear Reader gets them to read long novels without the typical eyesore as it quickly lets them read one word at a time. Users also get to read the words clearly and one by one so they get to read at their own pace.

Design and Performance

With an interactive and easy to navigate library, Wear Reader actually delivers with its promise of enhanced and better digital reading. The user-friendly interface of the app combined with its features makes it a perfect choice for those who simply love to read novels or immerse themselves in tension-packed and pulse racing novel stories. Wear Reader is the perfect app for those who just love the bite of suspense and thrilling stories that the written word delivers.

Apple Watch Screenshots

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