Smartphone users know that these devices are offering much more than simple communication. For example, in the recent years the popularity of mobile games is constantly growing and this is not a surprise. The games are more complex and challenging, the touch screens are getting more sophisticated and the graphic is amazing (there are HD games available now). Rollimals HD is the perfect example for a game offering all these things and much more!

How does Rollimals HD work

Rollimals HD is not your regular mobile game. Although this is basically a platform game the features that it has make this game very unique. You are in a role of a cute looking animal which needs to jump, run, slide and avoid obstacles in order to make progress. Of course, you will also need to collect bonus points and rewards and this is practically the best thing about this game. The tasty treats can accelerate your progress but the thing is that these treats are hard to get. The players should expect many obstacles on their way to catch these treats. You will never get bored with Rollimals HD because you will not only get a nonstop action but you will also enjoy the beautiful environment in which this game takes place. This environment is constantly changing and keeps the players focused on the game.

What is special about Rollimals HD

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There are many things that make this game special. First of all, the graphics is amazing. The high definition resolution makes the characters too cute. You can easily spot what you need to do in the game. Players can also enjoy the beautiful background/environment – blue oceans, jungles, savannahs and the arctic. Challenge is surely not a thing that this game misses. There are dozens of challenging levels and the best part is that they are designed to activate your mind but at the same time they are not that difficult (you won’t have to spend one hour trying to solve some problem). The interface is great and the buttons are intuitive which means that anyone can easily find everything they want.

Where can I download Rollimals HD

The easiest way to get Rollimals HD is to use Apple Store. In this way you can be sure that you are getting the right version of this game. Just click on this link and follow the instructions. This game requires iOS 6 and works on all later versions of this operating system.

Pros of this app

  • –        Amazing graphics and sounds
  • –        Very challenging game suitable for people of all ages
  • –        Unforgettable characters
  • –        No in-app purchases
  • –        Low cost (only $0.99)
  • –        Regular updates for better user experience
  • –        Different puzzles which will keep you playing for hours

Rollimals HD is one of the most entertaining games in Apple Store and players looking for challenging games with amazing graphics should definitely try it.