No. SalesVu won’t magically pay for your bills. So don’t go ordering 10 boxes of Pizza and expecting that SalesVu will pay for it. SalesVu is one of the most intriguing and at the same time revolutionizing creations to date. You read that right! Softwarelint is not trying to oversell here. This is all true!

SalesVu launched the first mobile payment application tied to a cloud-based management infrastructure. If that was too hard to understand, simply put: SalesVu developed an app that allows you to pay using credit cards wherever you are!

Isn’t that a revolutionizing creation? SalesVu is one of a kind. This ability is unheard of in all walks of life. Imagine a FREE CREDIT CARD READER literally at the palm of your hands? It is so quick and so efficient. You can literally be a walking credit card reader! Not that it’s awesome to be one, but hey! You’ll never know when it may come in handy.



In fact, Softwarelint believes that this app is a MUST HAVE for everyone who owns a credit card. What SalesVu brings is convenience; which here in Softwarelint is always number 1. We love SalesVu because it is one of those services that really focus on the user’s needs. If you think that you don’t need this, then sorry sir/ma’am; You are wrong.

SalesVu is a mobile payment app and a complete end-to-end business solution rolled into one. This is a perfect app for businessmen who are always on the go. You can’t go wrong with SalesVu solutions.

It has already helped a lot of people, and it wants to help you out too! Too bad no one in Softwarelint owns a credit card yet, but once we do, we will surely put SalesVu on speed dial. This is a must have for credit card owners and businessmen (aspiring businessmen are welcome too). This can be a start of something great for you and your business. Remember, having an edge on other people is always a pleasant thing to have. Grab SalesVu now to have that edge.

Be the first among your peers to experience SalesVu! Years ago, our mobile phones could only text and call. It can now send pictures, videos, download stuff, surf the net… and now. PAY YOUR BILLS! Download what made this all possible: SalesVu


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