Many experts have declared the word selfie to be the most popular new word in 2013. It looks like 2014 is no different and selfie craze can be noticed all around us. In case you didn’t know selfie is a form of self-portrait photo created by the photographer and sometimes there can be more persons present on the photo too. These photos are taken with a camera or a cell phone. What makes these photos special is the fact that they are spontaneous and informal. There are numerous mobile apps that can improve your experience with selfies and Selfie Wars is definitely one of the most interesting ones.

How does Selfie Wars work?

This application acts as a really unique combination of social media, gaming and selfies. You can use the camera through this app in order to get some nice filtered photos. Since this app also acts as a social media your friends will have the chance to see your selfie but only if they can unscramble the photo puzzle. This makes the whole thing a lot more challenging and people will be excited to find out what’s behind the puzzle. Who thought that selfies can be so challenging and even more fun?

What makes Selfie Wars unique?

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There are many things that make Selfie Wars unique. Most of the features of this app are never seen before. But let’s point out two features that are incredibly original. First of all, this app can be used between couples and no one other than the couple can see the selfie. By using this feature you will get more privacy because these selfies are shared privately between the couples. Another great feature found in this app is the anonymous sharing of selfies. This is an exciting way to share selfies and to look at other people’s selfies too. Some other interesting features include:

  • –        Different levels of profile privacy settings  
  • –        Sharing with friends
  • –        Amazing graphic and sound effects
  • –        Many game challenges

Where can I download Selfie Wars?

Downloading this interesting mobile app is easy and completely free. Just visit Apple store through the following link and you can start with the downloading and installation process. The app doesn’t require much memory (55MB) and it will take only a minute to get installed which means that in a matter of minutes you can start taking selfies and challenge your friends! Selfie Wars requires iOS 7.1.

Pros of this app

–        It is a completely free app

–        It has unique design

–        It is very easy to use all its features

–        It allows users to share their selfies with all their friends in the network with only few clicks

–        It is constantly updated and improved

Cons of this app

–        This app is available only for users that own iOS-based devices.

Seflie Wars is one of the most interesting apps in Apple Store. Thanks to the unique concept that this app has you can bring the whole Selfie experience on a new level.