ShadowPain is a newly released iOS title which tempts user with a new kind of game concept: fighting on random maps every time a new game is played. The game features basic yet solid and entertaining graphics as well as a smooth gameplay. It combines elements of action and adventure, as well as some little RPG (especially when it comes to the dungeons). The game is very easy to play and requires no introduction or tutorials as on other similar titles. Here are some of the highlights of ShadowPain for iOS

Entertaining Gameplay Style

Every time a player opens ShadowPain, a new map is automatically generated as well as new opponents. This makes the game extremely thrilling to play and gives players a challenge they never met before: to defeat unexpected enemies. Each level also takes into account gamer’s level, past experience, etc. when generating the maps. Thus, those who played it many times should expect more difficult enemies yet completely random maps.

Quality Retro Style Graphics

ShadowPain is designed to resemble older action games in terms of graphics, which weren’t necessarily ultra advanced in functionality yet managed to be highly addicting and fun. Although the gameplay can be considered basic by some, this also gives it a possible advantage. Those who don’t like to pass long tutorials or experience dozens of fights before they understand playing principles or how to advance more easily.

Plenty of In-game Rewards

The game features a very good rewards system; enabling users to retrieve gear from slayed monsters as well as start the game with a certain number of health and mana potions. Each hero has its own inventory where he can store gear and equip them for battles as desired. Spells (flame, ice, etc.) and stronger armors can also be used in battles.

Neat Level-up System

After each won fight, players receive a certain number of points for their hero which helps increase in levels. With each level heroes become stronger and gain health, strength and dexterity points. This helps them slay more powerful enemies. In addition, food and power also get restored, which increase hero’s regenerative characteristics.

Unique Enemies And Bosses

Those who play ShadowPain will realize that few enemies have the same characteristics, most of them being unique and featuring powerful attacks. This gives players quite a challenge and a thrill in action battles. At the end of some levels there are also powerful bosses which need to be defeated. These can drop rare rewards as well as help the hero to gain significantly more experience.



Overall, ShadowPain represents a well-made action game which will certainly delight fans of classic retro titles. It combines various elements of adventure and RPG and also features a gameplay style never met before on iOS: new maps generated with every game.

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