Mr.Cond 2 is sequel of the famous Mr.Cond game. In this IOS app review, we will present you the sequel of the first part. If Mr.Cond was fabulous game on which you spend a lot of time, playing for the launch, playing till the commercials on your TV are on, almost in your every free time note that this game will occupy you twice as much the first part. This and the other IOS app reviews have the purpose to closer to the games and the apps.

Mr.Cond 2 amuses with it’s graphics.

One of the key parts of its popularity is its design. The design is very smooth, you can easy see everything that you need to see, the background is very well processed and because it moves continuously in different direction with the “elements” it looks perfect. All the chosen colors are looks fine and they do not dazzle you needlessly, they are not too bright and not to dark.

Sound that truly captures the moment.

Beside its great animation, it is also equipped with quality and pleasing music. This music will not bother you at all and most of all truly captures the moment. The controls are easy use, and most of all they are not complicated at all, what you need only to do is to press on which direction the condom should go.

Final Conclusion – must have it.

To be short if you have not heard or play this game you should definitely try it, this and the other IOS app reviews helped you to learn something more for the apps. This is very addictive game and is perfect combination of gameplay, sound and animation.


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