Playing with numbers in the most logical way is fun, don’t you agree? Well, Three Crush is a game that deals with numbers. You base every move upon what the displayed numbers amount to. The game is rich in characters, engaging sound effects, graphics, and many more. It’s a challenging environment as a whole. Fortunately, if you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device, you can install and play it. You won’t put it down.

Theme or Concept

You need tactical skills to handle the endearing challenges. Since it’s a puzzle game, expect to do some more thinking as you play. The main goal here is to crush the highest nymph number before they can ever reach the grid lock. This also means that you’re going to fight all enemies on the way, while trying to match numbers so that they will form an enormous monster.


The higher the number of nymphs you kill, the higher the impression of this league of nymphs. Even though the app is oriented towards entertaining you, it’s an app that puts emphasis on enlightening your thinking as you do more calculations to reach your ultimate goal.

Basically, it’s a brain teaser. And the fact that it has been blended with rich colors will make it even more appealing to the eye.


Just like most iPhone gaming apps, this app comes with a vast array of features to enrich your gaming experience. Therefore, you should expect the following features:

  • – It boasts of infinite play. This means users can continuously play from the previous level they left it at, and it seems to have no ending.
  • – The cute musical sounds and SFX enrich the overall game play, and this can be very appealing especially with number games.
  • – There’s a provision in form of gem bombs that clear the game boards when there’s need to.
  • – Using the leader board and social share, users can compare their individual scores on Facebook.
  • – You can also build a solid gaming reputation by unlocking more characters.


If you’re playing for the first time, you should have an easy time. The game comes with instructions, so following them will make you an expert. It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the app first before sinking into the actual gameplay.

The graphics are nice and appealing to the eye. And the fact that it’s an infinite game means you will never repeat scenes.


The good thing is that Three Crush is free to download and play. Use the puzzle and numbers to sharpen your logical thinking. Be smart and share your scores on social media.