Today in History: The app that shows the important history facts written by: Andrew02 Today in History is not an ordinary iPhone app, but an app that showcases the most important events that took place in the history in the same day as we are now (e.g. March 23, March 30, etc.), only that several years ago. For example, during June 6 1939, Adolf Hitler sent a public address to German volunteers asking them to return home. On the same day but in 1971, Alaska Airlines commenced its operation thanks to a couple of Boeing airplanes. There are many more similar events to be discovered inside the app, and the main landing page of it gets updated every day.

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  • – Specific categories to discover
    There are more categories inside the app that one can have a look at, all revolving around the specific day and its historical events. As a result, one can pay a look to Headlines (most important events), Regular Events, Births, Deaths and Holidays that occurred at that time, but several years in the past. One that constantly pays a look at this app can discover plenty of interesting facts and gain important knowledge, all without having to open any specific history book.
  • – Quote of the day
    Thanks to “quote of the day”, users can delight themselves with the words of full wisdom brought to life by major figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Dr. Seuss and so on.
  • – Images
    Each event is not only displayed in plain text, but also accompanied by a suggestive photo that inspires users in regard to the facts that took place on that specific day in history.
  • – Option to share
    Those who would like to impart the specific events or headlines with friends or family have the possibility to do that by using Twitter, Facebook, email or text.
  • – Push notifications
    Thanks to push notifications users will no longer have to worry about manually opening the app to read latest headlines, as they are automatically displayed in the notification bar of the iPhone.
  • – Sleek and Easy to use Design
    Today in History is very well crafted in terms of design, being a joy to use even for non-experienced users. It only involves some basic tapping and sliding to reach the desired news category.
  • – Access to over 100,000 historical events
    This app contains a database with over 100,000 events, which are automatically updated and displayed as specific days come to life. It is the perfect app for those interested in history, and it’s also worthy to be mentioned that each event is usually accompanied by multiple Wikipedia links.


Today in History is a great app for history lovers and those who wish to boost their wisdom by learning more interesting facts. It is very easy to use and can be downloaded free of charge from App Store.

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App Cost: Free