The calendar is one of the iOS apps that is used by every user that has an iOS device. Every mobile device manufacturer has its own calendar app but the truth is that almost all of them have the same options. Those who want to get more from the standard calendar app created by the manufacturers should look for a specialized app like Ultimate Next – All in one calendar.

How does Ultimate Next – All in one calendar work?

If we have to use two words to describe this great app, ”personalized calendar” are probably the most suitable words. This app can be used for several purposes and the main idea of this calendar is to be a calendar that can be adjusted according to the personal lifestyle of the user. Users can record four types of events on this calendar – to-do, schedule, finance and note. Each of these events can be synchronized with different iOS features like – reminders, the standard iOS calendar, iCloud etc. This app has one great advantage over its rivals and that’s the simple viewing style – users can choose to view the events for a period of one week or for a month. No matter what option the user chooses he will have all the events at a glance.

What makes Ultimate Next – All in one calendar original?

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It is hard to be unique when there are so many calendar apps on the market, but the developers of this app have managed to add few unique options and create an app that is superior to most of its rivals.

Four different events – this is probably the most unique feature of this app. While the standard calendar and most of the other calendar apps have only to-do and schedule options, this application also offers finance and note to its users. The note option is great because it can serve as a reminder (users can add photos, texts etc.) and finance view can be very useful for those who want to take care of their cash flow. This function works as a small money management tool.

Viewing – as previously mentioned, users can choose a monthly or weekly view without using any of the options. Removing and adding events require only a couple of clicks. You can add and later view additional notes to the events. When it comes to financial events you can view some financial statistics too.

User Interface – you can rarely find an app in this category that has so user-friendly interface and an app that allows users to add and remove events so quickly.

Downloading Ultimate Next

Those who are interested in this app can download it on the following link . The app costs $4.99 but it is currently on sale ($1.99).

Pros of this app

–        Four unique main features

–        Different viewing options

–        Low cost

–        Great user interface

Cons of this app

–        This app works only on iOS devices with iOS version 7.0 or later. Users of Android devices and mobile devices with different OS will have to wait for a version for their devices.

Ultimate Next – All in one calendar is a modern, multifunctional calendar that goes beyond the standard calendar that iOS users are used to see on their mobile device.