With so many things to worry about, derailing from your goals in life is likely to happen. And it’s for this reason that some people feel entirely overwhelmed with the happenings in their lives, so they give up. Others have even committed suicide because of failure to understand and know the techniques of venting out their frustrations in life. The good news, however, is; you don’t have to live your life this way. You don’t have to lead a mediocre life that doesn’t satisfy, especially when there’s something you can do to turn things around. Your solution comes in form of the New Spiritual Bliss Magazine.

App concept/theme
Until now, people have yearned to discover how to speak to their inner self to help them remain in tune with their personal goals. They’ve also wondered where to find courage to take action that will change their lives completely. Consequently, they haven’t reached their true potential for success and happiness, it’s all frustration and nothing else.

Luckily, Spiritual Bliss Magazine just came in time to rescue such kind of people who have accepted that they are not living their full potential. You’re not happy because problems face you and you don’t know how to deal with them. Problems come in all facets of life, not limited to financial issues alone. Here, we talk of other important things such as dating, self-healing, confidence, positivity and many more. Spiritual Bliss Magazine is an iOS app that touches on these issues, plus many more.

The general feeling of what we got from this mobile app had to do with enlightenment, meditation, spirituality, happiness among others. And when we explored the topics, there were rich flavors served under the categories of: self-healing, law of attraction, positive thinking, horoscopes and how they guide, meditation and videos to help calm the mind, boost confidence, money and happiness.

It’s very clear that each of the areas mentioned above affect our lives on a daily basis. Luckily, the topics covered are nothing but expert insights coming from successful people who have had their fair share of challenges at one point in their lives.

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And because the app is optimized for your mobile iOS device, it means users are presented with a flawless browsing experience whenever they want it, thanks to the newly optimized digital feature.

The tips are highlighted in high definition, as well as interactive features and bonus content you need to start the journey to success.

Summary of the features

  • -Users only find engaging topics that address their issues
  • -There’s information that will mark your turning point
  • -Splendid digital display
  • -Interactive features
  • -You are guaranteed flawless magazine viewing, plus extra bonus to top up the package

Functionality/usability/design & app performance
It requires iOS 5.0 or later. It’s also compatible with iPad. Apparently, it will take up 68mb of your iOS device space, thanks to high definition and quality interactive features that take up that space. Usability is somewhat flawless, exactly what we said before.

This app will cost you $2.99 every month in subscription. Furthermore, the magazine updates content every month, hence the renewed subscription fee of $2.99. Considering what you’re getting in terms of tips and inspirations, you are better off if you paid this amount every month. The information herein is massive, diverse and helpful to all kinds of people. We definitely vouch for this magazine if your life is currently at a stand-still.

Download link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spiritual-bliss-magazine/id871304459?mt=8