Parents are often concerned about their child’s inability to pronounce the English word more efficiently and properly. Sometimes, children need to learn how to speak and pronounce  words according to their pace of learning. But parents now have the alternative of helping their child to learn how to pronounce words efficiently the fun way! With the help of Word Sounds, an educational application that you can download through iTunes on your iPad, and iPhone devices.

An application to teach your child pronounce words without memorizing them

With the Word Sounds app for iPhone and iPad devices, your child has a fun way of learning how to pronounce the English words without the need of memorizing them. The application will teach your child the proper pronunciation of words interactively. It could be overwhelming for your child to memorize the English word and to learn how to speak each of them. With this application, parents will spare imposing the burden on their child to learn how to pronounce words by memorization. Instead, the application will teach your child using sounds by using the English sound codes. These codes correspond to the basic composition of the English words like the vowels and consonants. As the child learns to speak the code they eventually learn to pronounce English words. The English sound codes are either alphabetically arranged or arranged by IPA symbols making the sorting through of the correct pronunciation of the English sound more conveniently and easily.


  • Fun way to learn the sound codes of English consonants and vowels.
  • A great tool for children and beginners to learn to pronounce English words correctly right from the beginning.
  • PRESS & HOLD feature for displaying illustrative pictures and sounds for practicing.
  • Interactive graphical charts explaining how the consonant and vowel sounds are correctly produced according to the manners and locations in the mouth.
  • Complete lists of all sound codes for English consonants and vowels.
  • Sound codes sorted for quick reference, both in alphabetical order and by the IPA Symbols.
  • Suitable for both native English speakers and non-native speakers.
  • Available in both iPhone and iPad versions.

A learning tool suitable for all age groups

Children of all age groups have the ability to learn the proper English pronunciation easily, quickly and intelligently. They will not realize that the application is already teaching them how to speak English words because of the fun of using this learning application for iOS devices. Beginners will easily find their way of exploring the basic vowels and consonant sounds simply by toying on the virtual keyboard from the application. They could easily associate the sound of the key that they press and hold to the picture that is displayed on the screen that represent the sound in order to further support their visual learning ability. The application supports the learning of children according to their learning pace. Advanced learners can use the charts available from the Word Sounds application that displays the consonant and vowel sounds to show how the word is properly pronounced by the movement of their mouth.

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Why parents find the Word Sounds a helpful learning tool

Word Sounds is specially designed to help children learn the proper pronunciation of the English words easily and conveniently. Their children will not feel the burden of having to learn about making the English sound at all because what the application does is make their learning process fun and easy. Parents need not have to force their child to learn as the application is intuitive enough to entice a child to interact with it and eventually learn naturally. Download the Word Sounds application for iPhone and iPad now in order to experience its beneficial learning tools for your child to start learning the proper pronunciation of the English words quickly and naturally.