Good day once again friends. Softwarelint is proud to announce the return of one of the best apps in recent memory! We’ve already featured this app here a month ago. But now, it comes in a whole new different approach. Get ready because this app is created by the best iPhone app developers in the world. Yes, WorldCard is back, better than ever! WorldCard HD business card manager is ready to be of service to you and your iPad!


What’s WorldCard HD?

If you haven’t been visiting our site the past few weeks, then you might not be aware what WorldCard HD brings to the table. This app is perfect for any budding professional! If you’re a professional, a businessman, or anyone who has a lot of contacts that are needed to be sorted out, then this is the app for you!

This app simply changes your iPad into an intelligent Customer Relationship Manager. WorldCard HD is actually the iPad version of the AWARD WINNING (yes, you read that right!) business card scanning application; WorldCard Mobile. This app, created by PenPower Technology is absolutely amazing. There are no words to fully describe the awesomeness of this app.

Powered with an advanced version of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, WorldCard HD offers the best of business card scanning. WorldCard HD has an intuitive combination of an easy-to-use interface and a powerful search tool that allows finding required information in seconds. Gone are the days where you had to manually browse through your colleagues business cards. Now everything can be controlled by your hands! This app is created by iPhone app developers that are simply one of the finest in this generation.


Special Features:

  • Accurate character recognition: Carries the tradition of its iPhone predecessor, offers accurate character recognition with OCR technology.
  • Batch card recognition: Allows you to scan and recognize large numbers of cards at a time. Manages your cards and saves your time effectively!
  • Organize your contacts: Creates contact groups as you wish. With the effective search tool, finding the right contact will never be a problem from now on.
  • Easy tap operation: Lets you achieve multiple functions such as connecting with FaceTime or Google map and sending emails just by tapping on the collected information from business cards.
  • Google Map connectivity: Connect to Google Map, find your way easily and save your time on route planning.
  • Stretch your social networking horizon: Get connected to your contacts with a single touch. The system will smartly use information such as names and emails to search on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter right away.
  • Information sharing in the cloud: iCloud and Dropbox integration makes data exchange and backup a breeze. Furthermore, you can exchange contact data with Worldcard Mobile.
  • Data exchange: share contacts information to PC by iTunes File Sharing.
  • Image optimization: Enhances images to have them in the best definition always


Final Thoughts:

WorldCard HD is one of the best apps for the iPad. Any professional should have this on your iPad. In fact, without this app, you should consider leaving your iPad home! Seriously though, WorldCard HD is a great tool to have as an entrepreneur or a businessman. Created by PenPower Technology, one of the best iPhone app developers in recent memory, WorldCard HD proves to be a premium app that is as fine as they come.This may be the best investment you will make! For just $14.99; this app is absolutely worth every penny.

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