Being a businessman

Being a businessman is not a walk in the park. Sure they earn a lot of money, but that’s not always how things go. Even the most successful businessmen have their off-nights. This is why Softwarelint tried to search for an android app that can help our beloved businessmen with their… well, businesses. Softwarelint aims to bring “Optimum Convenience at its Finest” which is why we loved what we saw in WorldCard Mobile!

Optimum convenience

WorldCard Mobile is the very definition of optimum convenience. This app is perfect for any businessman or even those who are still on their way to being one. What better way to catapult yourself into the elite ranks than to have WorldCard Mobile? What exactly does WorldCard Mobile do? Well, here’s what:

Business card reader and scanner

iPhone Screenshot 1

WorldCard Mobile is a business card reader and scanner at the same time. Remember, you can do this ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. How convenient is that? A businessman is busy and always on the go. This is the perfect app for him to stay connected and keep his networks open at all times. There will be no “falling behind” moments for you with WorldCard Mobile.

Just $6.99 dollars

Wherever you are on the planet, you can enjoy the services this app provides. For just $6.99 dollars you will have a portable business card reader and scanner. As a businessman like yourself, you know how important that is. Now, you have the chance to add it into one of the many apps on your iPhone. Instead of just playing Temple Run or Stone Stacker; how about saving some space for this awesome app that will help your business 100%!

Small in Size

Its size is 11.1 MB and functions on these languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. The only drawback of WorldCard Mobile is that it doesn’t work on every android phone. It is only compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It also requires iOS 4.0 or later versions. If you’re smart, you’d get an iPhone to enjoy this very convenient app!

Organizing your business cards

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Organizing your business cards while you are on the go is now possible with WorldCard Mobile! For many years, businessmen have been longing for an app just like this. Luckily, WorldCard Mobile is now here! Softwarelint fully endorses this app. No matter who you are and how successful you are in your business. In fact, even if you don’t have a business yet; you can enjoy the wonderful uses of WorldCard Mobile.

Key features

  • * Superior text recognition
  • * High-speed scanning & update
  • * Card Holder function to view & manage contact info
  • * Create groups of contacts with Card Holder for easier navigation & organization (school, work, etc.)
  • * Cover flow and List style view for contacts
  • * Automatic camera shake reduction 
  • * Email signature capture
  • * Automatic sorting of contact data 
  • * Merge new data into existing contacts 
  • * Auto-image rotation when scanned sideways 
  • * Manual cropping by finger when recognition happens partially 
  • * Ability to differentiate business cards from saved images 
  • * Add Social Network Function.
  • * Image Distortion and Enhance.
  • * Export card information to Excel/CSV/Gmail file. 
  • * Batch scan and recognize. 
  • * Support camera flash(iphone 4). 
  • * Support data exchange with WorldCard desktop software(Open In/ import /Export / iTunes File Sharing)
  • * Recognition of 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. You can switch from one language to another just like that! 
  • * Integrated w/ WorldCard Contacts (sold separately) to make a call, text, email or browse the company website directly from business card images

WorldCard Mobile is business friendly because it revolves around making businessmen’s lives easier. Kind sir, let WorldCard Mobile bring your business to greater heights! Shell out $6.99 and download this app now.

app store 300x98 WorldCard Mobile   Bringing Business to Greater Heights

This might be the last piece you need to make it big in the business scene!