Hello all my fellow technology enthusiasts. Today we willbe taking a look at a very useful app ,from iPhone appdevelopers at Penpower Technology, calledWorldictionary.


So what is this app and what makes it one of the mostrevolutionary iPhone app ideas. Basically Worldictionary isan app that allows the user to translate words andsentences between different languages. It offer real timetranslation between most commonly used languages. Thelanguages feature English, Italian, Japanese, French,German, Spanish and Korean. But it is not limited to onlythose languages, as it has the support for more than 50different languages. So now that the introductions are outof the way, lets take a closer look at what the app doesand how it performs.


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Unique iPhone app idea

iPhone Screenshot 2First of all i got to say the app looks very good and isvery well thought of. It is easy to use, menus work verywell and are easily understandable. As for the technicalside, the app requires a iOS 4.2 or higher to function andit requires more space than most apps, more than 27MB to beexact. It is important to note that the app requires network connection to operate as all actions are done online.

What the concept of this app?

So how do we translate the texts. It is very simple, all you need to do is point your camera at the word you want totranslate and the app locks it for you and allows you totranslate the word to the language of your choosing. If youare afraid your hands shake too much for the app tofunction properly, then no worries, the app comes with avery good anti-shaking function so you can even use itwhile moving. The word verification is impressively fast.If you do not wish to point the iPhone at a word or you areunable to, it also allows you to manually typein the word with an onscreen keyboard. There is also anoption of translating any texts that you might have in theimages on your iPhone. And when single word translations are not enough the app allows you to also translate phrases.

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What the basic idea behind this app?

Worldictionary uses its own database to make thetranslating even faster by saving the words that you havetranslated. This allows you to bookmark the words you havealready translated to increase the effectiveness of theapp.After you have have translated a word and lets say you wishto learn more about it, you have the option of searching itin Google, Wiki pages and in Youtube. This is a very goodidea as it gives you very fast results from different sources.

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Make it more convenient

The app functions very well and it does what it is supposed to but there are a few things they could improve to make it better. The biggest issue i see is that it needs to be online all the time, this can be quite costly depending onyour service providers rates. So, to make it better, i would suggest the app developers at Pen power Technology to find a way to store more words offline to reduce the costs to the user.

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Editor Review

I will say it again, i personally think it is one of the best iPhone app ideas that the iPhone app developers at Penpower Technology Ltd. have come across. It has somedrawbacks but in general it is a very good and solid app.For everyone who travels a lot, this app is a must, nolonger will need to ask strangers what a word means as youhave a personal real time translator with you all the time.

app store 300x98 InFrame Foto, another useful iPhone app idea by Softwarelint.

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