One of the best things about mobile devices is that they have simplified the process of communication between people. Besides talking over a cell phone, people can now use different applications to send messages, make video calls etc. The only thing that is still complicated is communication between people that don’t speak the same language. WorldMessage is one of the rare applications that successfully bridges that gap and give the users a unique opportunity to communicate in their own language.

How does WorldMessage actually work?

In its core WorldMessage is a cross-platform instant messaging app. It allows users to exchange automatically translated messages. But this app doesn’t stop only with text messages. Users can also share their images, videos and even create groups without paying anything. The only requirement is to have access to a wireless internet or 3G or 4G network.

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The best part is that people can communicate with other people from around the world without knowing any foreign language. The unique system that WorldMessage uses can translate your message in more than 60 languages. Users are asked for their language only once – during the process of installation of this app and after that they can chat with people speaking different language without having to manually translate their conversation.

In addition, users can use two very useful features. The first one is password protection for the app and the second one is previously set chat duration time which can help you control data transfer.

What makes WorldMessage unique?

Let’s take look at the most important features of this great application.

–        Automatic translation – this app allows instant messaging with automatically translated messages in more than 60 languages and over 4000 combinations.

–        Chat groups – instead of communicating one-on-one, users can add as many contacts as they want and have a group chat.

–        Sharing images, videos and position – with just a few clicks users can share their favorite images or videos through this app and they can also share their position/location at any moment.

–        Profile – users can adjust their profile at any time they want. This can be very useful since this app has many features.

–        Password – users that are worried about the security and privacy when using this app can set a password.

–        Previously set chat duration time – this is a very useful option especially for those who want to use this app to have longer conversations.

Where to download WorldMessage?

This app can be downloaded on the following link It works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and it requires iOS version 7 or later.

Pros of this app

–        This is a free application

–        Thanks to the smooth interface communication is very easy

–        Automatically translated messages

Cons of this app

–        This application is available only for users that have iOS-based mobile device.

WorldMessage is an app with a really unique concept. This is an app that can fulfill any user’s communication needs.