Everyone with an iPhone knows that once you have it in your backpocket, you’ll never need a traditional camera again. Once you’re done snapping photos, there’s no need to wait until you get home to go through the lengthy process of uploading and editing your images: the Wrap Camera app gives you a complete photo editing package right at your fingertips.


  • Available for iPad and iPhone

  • Quick share functionality

  • Easy for novice users


  • Costs $0.99


So let’s take an indepth look at this app. Why would you need it? We all have tonnes of great snapshots on our iPhones and iPads, but sometimes a little tweak here and there can make all the difference. With Wrap Camera, all your photos can be transformed into spectacular wallpapers and background images. Apply filters such as black and white, or add artistic effects like sketch or watercolor. With wallpaper images needing to take multiple screens into account, the app makes it easy to choose which parts of the image you want displayed where, and no technical knowledge is required to use it.


Another great feature of Wrap Camera is the High Definition capability. With the latest iDevices having cameras that compete with the top HD equipment, there’s no point wasting time with an editing app that will strip down the quality of your images. With Wrap Camera, HD compatibility is built-in, allowing users to preserve an images original quality and produce stunning effects.

Device compatibility is also A* with this app, as it functions with iPhone 3GS, 4, and 5.

Wrap Camera gets its name from its iconic wrap-filter, that makes images look like they are delicately curling at the edge. The idea is that each image is a sheet of paper, giving the photo a wonderfully tactile quality that cannot be matched by other photo editing apps.


If you have a bit of a thing for photography, then you’ll love our Top Facts About Photography:

  • Amazingly, the first camera was invented in 400BC by a Chinese philosopher.

  • The first Camera Obscura, the type we use today, came about in the year 1011.

  • The very first digital camera was invented by Kodak in 1975.

  • The first publicly available cell phone to have a built-in camera was the Nokia 7650 in 2002.

  • Today, there are estimated to be over 1 billion smartphone users worldwide.

But wait: I have a digital camera already, why would I want to use my camera phone? Here are some reasons to switch to using your smartphone and Wrap Camera app:

  • Save space: your smartphone weights considerably less than even the smallest digital camera, and you only need your pocket to store it in.

  • Edit your photos on the move: get rid of those unwanted blemishes and polish up your images before anyone sees them.

  • Be prepared: never miss a moment as your phone is always with you.

  • Save money: there’s no need to have anything but your smartphone, and some cell providers let you upgrade for free depending on your contract terms.

  • Share remotely: as long as you have a mobile data plan or WiFi access, you can instantly share all your favourite photos with friends at the touch of a button.

Photo editing apps have been popular on the iPhone and iPad since they were first introduced. Some of the big names include Instagram and Photoshop, but Wrap Camera can certainly compete with the big boys. At only $0.99, you can afford to take this app out for a spin without breaking the bank.

Download : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wrap-camera-ultimate-photo/id570649443?mt=8