Document Writer is an easy to use Mac app. It is a word processor designed to allow you to get perfect layouts for your pictures and writing. This app supports Retina resolutions and you can export all the leading formats including .doc, .rtf, and .pdf. You can take advantage of this app to create tables and insert pictures on your document to make them richer and more colorful. It comes with an automatic save function and this means that you do not have to worry about data loss when using the app.


This advanced word processor comes with a variety of valuable features. Document Writer has a simple interface and it is designed to start up as soon as you launch it. You also get character and paragraph styles with this app, making it ideal when you are preparing business documents.


It features automatically format numbered and bulleted lists to make it easier to create documents. Its structure is flexible and this allows you to create a variety of documents with page, layout, and section breaks. The app already has a table of contents and all you have to do is modify it to suit your requirements.

Writing Tools

Another impressive aspect about this app is the inclusion of helpful writing tools. You can come up with template documents using boilerplate text. Document Write has free-form footers and headers. You also get alternative color choices with this app. It is possible to have red text on blue.

It offers both split-window and full screen editing. With this app, you enjoy date-stamped backups. It allows you to select text based on color, paragraph style, and text style. The app has a find panel you can use to identify particular text using regular expressions.

It has various word processing utilities that include automatic page numbers and word count. The app has GoWord that automatically numbers or format bullets your text to make documents clear and crisp. Document Writer allows you to take advantage of special characters to make your documents exceptional and more expressive.

The app has Quick Word, a tool that features Find and Replace option to allow you to search documents with ease.


You can export MS Word documents with this app. It allows you to send documents as PDF, Word, or mwd files to email. The app also exports PDF files. It imports and exports TXT and RTF documents. It is designed to support various image formats including .png, jpg, gif, and jpeg.

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