Creation of the Android operating system is probably one of the most important moments in the development of the contemporary mobile device market. At first seen as an open source outsider in the race, Android quickly began to generate interest with the users, while many developers also noticed its potential. Then, in a few short years, it became a dominant figure in the arena of mobile device operating systems. Today, many devices, including tablets and smart phones utilize the same system with great effects, and Android apps, including games, are enjoyed by users all over the world.

But, until recently, the same operating system was only available on mobile devices, leaving users of Windows or Mac platforms out of the picture. Now, a company called Haiyu Dongxiang produced software called Droid4X which can act as an Android simulator on both platforms. The main feature of this software is its ability to completely emulate an Android environment for a desktop computer. After users download and install it, users get to have a full Android virtual handset. The Droid4X allows the same handset to be configured to individual preferences, as well as the PC configuration and its performances.

Using its features, the users can receive a simulator that allows them to download Android apps and run them just like they would on a mobile device. The content of the simulator is presented on a PC or Mac screen, making it very convenient for those users who have problems with small smartphone screens. Simply put, with Droid4X, the compatibility can stop being an issue when it comes to apps or games. An additional benefit of this software comes from its cross-platform strength. Instead of choosing between making a Mac program or a PC program, its creators decided to make both versions. This meant that users of both platforms can have the same incredible experience when it comes to simulating an Android operating system.

For the end users, this means that having a Droid4X simulator can turn any PC or Mac into an additional virtual computer with a completely new platform. Because of the fact that compatibility is no more an issue, users can download, install, and enjoy millions of Android apps on their home or office computers. Aside from this fact, the features of this software mean that it will only become more and more relevant in the future, simply because of the increase in the worldwide mobile development spending.

As time passes, it is certain that the number of Android apps will continue to rise. Having Droid4X on a desktop or a laptop computer means that the users will be prepared for the future, and will have the means to stay up to date with all the latest software and games developed for the Android. This fact alone points that getting a Droid4X on a PC or a Mac is a very wise decision.

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