Hello Softwarelint readers ,

I am going to present an IOS app , a casual time killer game you will love to play PHOENIX BIRD. 

It is a free available game working both in Iphone and Ipad   developed by Imagination apps. First time i am getting my hands on reviewing an IOS app so if you find any mistakes please  comment.

Phoenix bird is a nice designed 3D flying game where you guide the phoenix in the different 70 levels.

Awesome Built

The initial stage of  the game gives a crystal clear cut brief about what to expect with beautifully rendered graphics.You have to guide the Phoenix Bird through different maps and collect as much as gems you can.Phoenix bird fully incorporates the accelerometer for movement and steering of the game.

[app url=”http://itunes.apple.com/app/phoenix-bird/id541902557?mt=8″]

Remember while playing this game to watch the efforts behind the background scenery.As you progress through the game & unlock more levels, you’ll experience the following landmarks: The Taj Mahal (India), Buckingham Palace (England), The Colosseum (Italy), Alaska Range, Sydney Opera House, Nassau (The Bahamas) & the Statue of Liberty.

Author’s Review

The game is a great choice for casual gamers, Very beautifully execution and soothing experience will certainly appeal to many.

Kudos to imagination apps.